Joseph Williams

(also known as Joseph Hope-Williams)

Artist and Stage Designer

18 Lower Luton Rd, Wheathampstead, Herts,
AL4 8QZ, England
Tel: (+44) 01582 833992

Juvenile Drama
Penny Plain / Twopence Coloured /
Tinsel Pictures

in the Victorian style

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If you are interested in copies or prints of any of the items, please contact Joseph

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This art form has been fascinating the young and not so young for nearly 180 years. Reaching its peak of original popularity in the mid to late nineteenth century, Toy Theatre also enjoyed a new artistic revival in the early part of this century, with artists such as Eric Fraser, Ernest Wallcourt, Gerald Dickson, etc.

Throughout its history Toy Theatre has had a steady stream of famous collectors including Robert Louis Stevenson, Charlie Chaplin, Hans Christian Anderson, Winston Churchill and Charles Dickens, to name a few. The fascination of Toy Theatre can infect anyone!

This web site is dedicated to an exhibition / catalogue of the work of Joseph (one of The Last Living Creators of these Toy Theatre and related prints). It also gives a description of some original items that are for sale.

Madonna & child with an angel

St George & the dragon

These are three dimensional paintings by Joseph Williams from original drawing.  These collages have water colour backgrounds with main figures in fabrics and foil.  They are 16 x 12 inches (40 x 30 cm).
If you are interested in either or both of these originals please contact Mr Williams - address and tel. no. at top of page.

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This web site features pictures - plain, coloured and tinselled for plays and theatrical representations including Snow White, Sinbad the Sailor, Show Boat, The Desert Song: Phantom of the Opera, Beau Geste, Maria Marten in the Red Barn, The Four Seasons, The Elements, Bette Davis, Charles Lauaghton, Tyrone Power, Gladiators, Horses, Favourite Fours, Nelson Theatre, Hippodrome Theatre, Laurence Olivier, Ellen Pollock, Miss Paton, Mr Hicks, Mr Ellsgood, Miss Kirby, Miss Bolton, Mr Riggs, Mr Helm, Mr Almar, Paul Revere, Mr Goff, Mr Gommersal as Napoleon, Belle Starr, Mr Freer, Debray's Cavalry Lancers, Mr Snowling, Mr Ginnett as Dick Turpin, Mr Glynn, Mr N Brady as Mark Ingestre, Mr Van Amburgh, Mr Lewis as William the Conqueror, Cinderella, Lord Kitchener, Mr Denver as Marcus Aurelius, Miss Romer as Joan of Arc, Alfred the Great, Constantine, George Washington, Bridge Street Bishop's Storford, A Yarmouth Row, Old Thorpe Village, Old Braughing, Old Norwich, Church Street Rickmansworth, Deborah Kerr as Princess Flavia in Prisoner of Zenda, Mr Charles Wood, Mrs Vincing as Prince Aladdin, Miss M Footer as Britannia, Mr G Bennet as Othello, St Andrew of Scotland, St David of Wales, Burns, Terry's Texas Rangers, and Don Lewis Osborne.


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