New Range of Pictures

Modern pictures hand painted 
in Traditional Colours

Joseph Williams

(also known as Joseph Hope-Williams)

Artist and Stage Designer

18 Lower Luton Rd, Wheathampstead, Herts,
AL4 8QZ, England
Tel: (+44) 01582 833992

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These are copies of pictures, drawn by Joseph in a modern style, but individually hand coloured in rich traditional colours.  Click on a picture to see a larger version.  Each picture is about 205 x 295 mm  - please ring for details of delivery or any special requirements.  

alladin.jpg (59976 bytes)



TreasureIsland.jpg (65050 bytes)

Treasure Island

Cinderella.jpg (59838 bytes)


alice.jpg (67336 bytes)

Alice in Wonderland

SleepingBeauty.jpg (59071 bytes)

Sleeping Beauty

RedRidingHood.jpg (55133 bytes)

Red Riding Hood

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