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News 2011

Initial  launch in the High Street

Speeches / festivities in Melisa Field

In Melisa Field

Launch of the Wheathampstead Heritage Trail Project (27th Nov 2011)
Opened by Jim Carter (Mr Carson in Downton Abbey) and Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge in Harry Pottter)

Official opening at St Helen's Church

Sending our message far and wide

History Group Exhibition in St Helen's


St Helen's & St Peter's

Christmas Fair

26th November 2011

Wheathampstead Lights Switch-On - 25 Nov 2011


Tree Planting
 Heartwood Forest

20th Nov 2011

Remembrance Sunday - November 2011


20th Oct 2011: Jackie Meredith, 76, of Dale Avenue, Gustard Wood has been praised for her 25 year voluntary service for the Digswell Place Group of the Riding for the Disabled Association.

The RDA charity seeks more volunteers to help look after the horses and provide instruction during lessons.
For more information please contact Jackie on 01438 832651

 Festival of Flowers, St Helen's Church (Sept 2011)



Wheathampstead Horticultural Society - Autumn Show 2011 

Photos courtesy of  Ian Griggs (Functionphotos.net)

Local Archaeological Digs as part of Wheathampstead Heritage Project (Aug/Sep 2011)



Dig at Bowers Heath



Dig at Melissa Fields


Dig at East Meads

Stabilisation of St. Helen's Churchyard Wall
August 2011



Horticulture Club
visit to Hyde Hall
17th July 2011


Photo's by Angela Beech

Wheathampstead Village Day - 10th July 2011

Business display in Hall

Wheathampstead Churches Together
staged an outdoor Songs of Praise accompanied 
by the Salvation Army Band.


There was also a duck race along the River Lea

Village Barn Dance
9th July 2011


Got Talent

9th July 2011

A Bee Orchid in flower in local nature reserve
behind the new development on Butterfield Road .

photo by Robin Pearson

June 2011 - 25th Anniversary Celebration of the

Opening of Four Limes by the Queen Mother

The World Comes To Wheathampstead
12th June

    Click here to view video of dancers from around the world

"Heritage Trail" Public Presentation (2/6/11)

Photos courtesy J Burgess

The Heritage Trail Team (a collaboration between WEB, the WDPS, the Parish Council and local residents) has secured grants totalling 50,000 to help promote our history making residents aware of our rich heritage and Wheathampstead a desirable place to visit and live.

More information


Photos courtesy of N Rowe

Horticulture Club Plant Sale



Street Party in Garrard Way
on the wedding of
Prince William and Cathrine



Photos courtesy of N Rowe

The Moon

(in Wheathampstead, 19/3/2011 - photo' taken by Nigel Rowe.  As taken on the left and enhanced on the right)

See the names of areas etc


New Housing Development
Butterfield Road

Started 2010, photo taken Feb 2011

(On the site of the old Secondary School.  The large tree on the left is a Tulip tree planted (c 1966) by the Queen Mother to commemorate the opening of the school)

view old school


Open Day

Wheathampstead Railway Platform

30 Jan. 2011

Visitors admiring the restoration work carried out during 2010


Photo contributed by John Burgess

Egret - Photo taken on 26 Jan 2011 but have seen the bird for maybe the last month.  Location by the Lea at East Mead
All white
Black bill
Yellow feet
Rounded wing tips
Smaller than a heron.
Regards, Gerry Minall


Business to Business Event
13th Jan. 2011
Organised by WEB (Wheathampstead for Enterprising Business)