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News 2009

Amwell Local Fundraisers Christmas Party

"before the drinks were served"

12th Dec 2009

Creation of Heartwood Forest gets underway

 The 28th November 2009 was a very special day for everyone who has been involved with Heartwood Forest. After many months of planning and hard work the very first trees were planted and the whole community celebrated by planting trees.

Lady Verulam, the patron of the project was there to say and few words about how special this project is and plant one of the very first trees, as well as the Woodland Trustís chief executive, Sue Holden and three children who have taken part in the countrywide Tree For All tree planting project

Switching On the Christmas Lights (27th Nov.)

Remembrance Day 8th Nov 2009

3 photos by N Rowe

Farmer's Market 18th Oct 2009

Saturday 12th Sept. 2009 - Wheathampstead Horticulture Club annual exhibition in the Memorial Hall.

14th August 2009.  Environmental Agency yearly fish survey of the Wheathampstead section of the River Lee.  This was carried out over a 100m stretch of the river near the Meads.  Same section is used each time. 

A net is put across the river to stop more fish entering the test area whilst the survey is being carried out.

The sweep is made from the down stream end.  Anode loops are moved through the water to enable fish to be caught in the nets and placed into a tank in the boat.

The sweep is continued up the river until the net barrier is reached.

Each fish is taken out of the tank, identified. The types found were Dace, Barbel, Gudgeon, Roach, Chub, Minnow, Stickleback, Perch

The length is measured and recorded for each fish.
A single scale is removed to identify the age of the fish from its' rings (much like rings on a tree).

An example of one of the larger Chubs caught.  The largest fish caught was a Chub of 435mm in length.  Also caught was a 260mm Dace which is quite big for this species.

Many thanks to the Environmental Agency for their friendliness on the day and for providing the information about the types and size of fish measured.

The newly elected Mayor of St Albans, Chris Oxley
visits 'Four Limes'.

The Mayor explained the historical content of his role and the Mace Bearer explained the function of the Mace, presented by Charles II in 1660.

Wheathampstead Village Day - 12th July 2009 (organised by the Parish Council)

Horticultural Society - visit to Leonardslee lakes & gardens  -  June 2009



vintage cars

dolls houses

      Quarterly Update (May 2009)

Amwell Day
June 2009

Plenty to entertain including coconut-shy,
crockery breaking, bouncy castle,
hog roast, belly dancing  .......

At the Elephant and Castle


Classic motorcycles

Crockery breaking

Cake stall

Bouncy castle

'Chani' www.bellydanceelements.co.uk

Hog roast

Horticultural Society

Summer 2009 Newsletter



Wheathampstead 10K/2K

held on 17th May 2009


Wheathampstead Dramatic Society
May 2009 production of 'Comic Potential'

Wheathampstead Dramatic Society
February 2009 production of 'The Herbal Bed'

The end of a snowy week, 8th February 2009
(photos by Brian Joyce)