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News 2002

Archaeological Dig at Turners Hall Farm

On the weekend of 13th and 14th July 2002 there was a invitation to the public to attend the recent dig at Turners Hall Farm.  A very interesting presentation was given by the Museum authorities.  It was possible to talk with David Philips who had discovered the site.

Some of the earthworks that
could be seen

Mayor Keith Stammers
taking a close look at the dig.

David Philips
who discovered the site

On the left and below
are some of the finds.

romanvillas0703.jpg (49772 bytes)

The picture on the left shows the state of excavation of a roman villas on 29 July 2003 - courtesy of John Murray.

Click on image to see larger version and click BACK on your browser to return here.

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MBE for Mr Titmuss

Mr G J W Titmuss (Peter) received his MBE at Buckingham Palace from Prince Charles on 27th June 2002, accompanied by his wife and daughter.  The citation was for services to the National Flying Club and Pigeon Racing.

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Jubilee celebrations

Dog Show at Marford Rd

Last year the National Canine Defence League took in 11,404 dogs.  They rehomed 8.502 dogs and reunited 940 dogs with their original owners.

If you would like to sponsor a dog in the NCDL's care or could offer a loving home to a dog in their care, please make contact.

Registered Charity No 227523

Shade for the competitors

'Stand nicely for the judge!'

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Fun Day at Whstd Social Club

Smash The Crockery

'Bouncy Castle' & 'Score a Goal'

BBQ with a smile

Also - Jubilee Disco in the evening

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Walkabout UK in aid of British Heart Foundation

A Jubilee Walk took place on Tuesday 4th June 2002, starting from the Cross Keys Public House, Gustard Wood.  

It was approximately 5 miles - a sponsored event to raise funds for the 
British Heart Foundation.

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Revd. Jill Hazelwood retires

Colin and Jill Hazelwood moved to Wheathampstead in 1962, Jill taught at St. Helen's School, eventually retiring in 1992, having had a break for a few years during the '60's to be at home with her children, Claire and Mark. She trained as a Deacon on The St. Albans Ministerial Training Scheme between 1982 and 1985 and was ordained Priest in April 1994.

Jill is a person of great warmth, her generosity of time, her willingness to listen and never appear to be rushed, her ability to enter into your situation, her understanding and tolerance, all these have contributed to the way in which she has helped us on our own personal Christian journeys. We have always known that whatever confidence we shared with Jill would be totally secure and would be offered in prayer. Indeed her life has been rooted and grounded in a regular pattern of prayer and worship and of service to the church and the wider community , where she has applied her faith to the issues of everyday life.

Through her role as a teacher Jill has had contact with many families in the village, which has meant that her influence has spread far beyond the confines of the St. Helen's and St. Peter's congregation. At Tot's Time, which with Patience Purchas she initiated in the mid '80's, we are aware of this longstanding contact as Jill used to teach many of the mothers who attend.

Jill has the gift of being extremely efficient, never being late for an appointment or meeting, yet totally without the bustle which so often accompanies highly efficient people. Equally Jill's serious nature is balanced by a delightful sense of humour and of fun which never strays far from the surface.

Contribution by Judith Morris

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