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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (23)

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Pictures provided by Suzie Brind ( Sparshott).  June 2009
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1. Circa 1954 - A Gustard Wood football dinner at The Cross Keys Public House in the annexe

Back table, from the left: Albert Hills ( my great uncle ), unknown, Joan Fisher, Derek Walters.
Middle table. far side unknown, Doug Saunders, Richard Sparshott ( my dad. )
near side Jock Clark, Barbara Jones, Betty Sparshott ( my mum. )
Nearest table far side unknown lad, 3 unknown ladies
At the front Reg Coates

2. Circa 1954 - A Gustard Wood football dinner at The Cross Keys Public House in the annexe
(this picture follows on from 1. above)

My dad Richard Sparshott holding the serviette.
Then from the left going round the table:-
Albert Hills, unknown, Joan Fisher, Derek Walters, Stan Deeks, Ernie Sparshott ( my Grandfather), Bill Ward, Dickie Halsey ( the landlord of The Plough), Norman Swain, Jim Townsley ( sitting back in chair ), Ethel Sparshott ( nee Hills, my Grandmother ), Bill Peters, Emily Townsley ( my Great Aunt. )

3. Circa 1954

Left to Right - unknown, unknown, Jim Townsley, Peter Smith, Norman Swain, Derek Walters, Albert Hills, John East, Ernie Sparshott, Tom Sygrove, Will Ward.

5. Gustard Wood School - circa 1928.

front 2 benches from left:- Joan and Doreen Fisher, William Hills (my great uncle), unknown male.

next row from left:- unknown male, Sid Neil, Beryl Heather ( looking up. )

next row from left:- Doreen Fisher, Frank Coates, unknown male, unknown male.
back row from left:- Hugh Hills ( my great uncle ), unknown male, unknown male, Burt Coates.


6. Gustard Wood School about 1930.

Back row:- Alan Hills, John East, Bert Ansell, Raymond Swallow, William Hills, Burt Coates, Alec Ansell?.
Middle row:- Jeff Swallow, Lily Swallow, Joan Fisher, Beryl Reade, Nora Burton, Audrey Bracey, Norah King, Beryl Heather, possibly a Coates?, Marge Ansell.
2nd row:- Edna Fisher, Ken Deamer (or Jimmy Hills?)
Front row:- .? Coates (sister to girl end Middle row and cousin to Bert on back row) and John? Burton

(Some detail added by Carolyn Palmer and her mother)

Alan Hills Nora King William Hills Doug Saunders Hugh Hills George Hills Beryl Reade Freda Jones 7 - Sunday School at St Peters church, Gustard Wood, 1930ish.

I only have names for 6 people.  Move the cursor over the picture and see if you can find the following:- 

Alan Hills, Norah King, William Hills, Doug Saunders, Beryl Read,  Hugh Hills,  Freda Jones (who took a Sunday School class), and George Hills.

 8 - Gustard Wood School about 1929.

Back row:- ?, May Camp, ?, ?, ?, ?, George Hills, ?
Middle row:-
?, Mary Neil, ?, Doreen or Joan Fisher, ?, ?, Jessie Rolph, ?.
Front row:-
?, ?, ?, ?, Hugh Hills.

 9 - Gustard Wood School about 1930.

Back row: - ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jessie Rolph, Doreen or Joan Fisher, ?
Middle row:- All unknown.
Front row:-George Hills, ?, Hugh Hills.

10.   about 1929.

Back row:- ? ? ? ? ? ? Sid Neil.
Middle row:- ? ? ? Joan Fisher, ? ? ? Frank Coates.
Front row:- Burt Coates, Hugh Hills, Burt Ansell.

11. Wheathampstead Brownies about 1940

Back row:- ? ? Beryl Reade, ? ? Audrey Bracey, Ruth Wren, ? Joan Fossett, ? Joan Fisher, ?
Middle row:- ? Edna Fisher, Joan Tupper, Betty Ivory, ? ? ? Betty Hills, Mary Grey.
Front row:- ? Helen Thorton, ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

12. Wrights Nurseries - opposite The Cross Keys public house.

Back row:- ? ? George Hills, ? ?.
Front row:- All unknown.


My Grandfather George Hills 1892 - 1977 ( on the left.). 

On the right is his brother Charlie Hills whose name is on the war memorial in Wheathampstead. killed 1918.

Some names added / corrected by Barbara Penny


Let us know if you have more details or an historic picture to contribute!

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