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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (21)

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Pictures provided by Brian Brandon, Nov. 2008

Teachers (L to R) - Mr Griffith, Mr Thrussel and Mr Martin

Children (standing) - Keith Jordon, Marshall Cowan, David Daniels, Nigel Folds, Brian Brandon

Children (front row) -  ? Osbourn, Michael Wright, Ronald Cobb, Norman Starkey, Brian Latchford


Teachers: Mr Griffiths, Mr Thrussel                                    See another copy of this here

Back Row: Brian Brandon, Norman Humphrey, Doug McPhearson?, Ron Cobb

Seated: Roger Wisemaan, Des Stannard, Michael Ellis, Eugene Ellis, ? Smith

Floor: Michael Wright, David Daniels


16th April 1938, Wheathampstead Church (wedding of father & mother of Brian Brandon)

Back row:  Grandad Brandon, ...................................................................Les folds (footballer)
Front row: ? bridesmaid, Sid Simmonds,  Leslie Brandon (groom), Rosina (bride - nee Bozier), William Folds, ? bridesmaid.


August 1st 1953 Wedding of Ken Mayles (St Nicholas, Harpenden )

Back row:  Emily Page, Anne (Groom's mother), Horace Hayward (Groom's uncle), Ivy (Grooms's aunt), Charles Mayles (Groom's father in glasses), Ken Ward, Ernie Ashpole (bride's father), David bozier.

Front row: ? bridesmaid, Pat (Groom's sister now Mrs R Brett), bridesmaid Jean Page, Ken Mayles (Groom), Bride, Heather Ward (bridesmaid nee Ashpole wife of Ken Ward, Ena Ashbole(nee Bozier), Jean Smith (bridesmaid), ? (nee Bozier)

School photograph - Teacher on left is Mr Housden, on right is Rev. Baird-Smith and at his side
is Rosie Bozier (in tunic)

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