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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (17)

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At St Helen's School 1955 and 1973
( Boys picture provided with the courtesy of Graham Lines
Girls picture provided with the courtesy of Barbara de Mornay Penny.)

St Helen's School 1955

Teachers (L to R) - Mr Griffith, Mr Thrussel and Mr Martin (or Donald Price?)

Children (standing) - from left - 2nd Raymond Walsh, 3rd  Mickey Thompson (who died in a motor cycle accident many years ago I believe), 4th Tim Lamb, 5th Fred Curry, 6th Roger Hunt, 7th Roy Hebb; 9th Gerald Minal, 10th myself  Graham Lines.

Children (front row) -  1st left Kenny Mayles , 3rd left Keith Warner, 5th left Malcolm Hale, 6th from left Richard Rosser (or Tony Beech), 8th from left Raymond Shadbolt?, 10th from left Graham Stoker?, 3rd from right Chris Smith.  The boy holding the cup was Ian de Mornay Davies.

Please excuse the spelling as I am only guessing on how the names are spelt.

Graham Lines  email -                contributed August 2006
added to by Mrs V.Field 29/9/06 and Barbara de Mornay Penny 4/3/07
added to by Nigel Franklyn (used to be Nigel Webb) 10/6/2007


St Helen's School 1955

Teacher: Brinly Griffith.

Back Row: Kathleen Seymour, Carol Bandy, Wendy East, Barbara Davies, Maureen Squires, cannot remember.

Seated: Linda Suthers?, Janet East, Betty Seymour, Stella Swallow, Maureen Ottaway, Helen Seymour.

Contributed by Barbara de Mornay Penny,  March 2007        Further info.

St. Helens netball team for the year 1973.
Contributed by Barbara de Mornay Penny,  March 2007

Top row:  Yvonne Penny, Sandra Culpit, Nicola Freeman, Heather Milton, Denise Arnold, Mrs. Clark (nee Brearley)
Bottom row: Alison Throssell, Deborah Smith, Heather Clarke, Lesley Smith.

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