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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (16)

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The pictures have been provided with the courtesy of Susan McAllan (Riddell)
and Jacqueline O'Hare (Riddell) 

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01_Pic_one.jpg (33089 bytes)
Taken at Whstd Congregational Church, Brewhouse Hill, Christmas nativity c1958
Back row L-R ?, Brian Wilmott, ?, (?)Fletcher, ?, John Arnold, another Arnold, (?)Harris, John Edwards, Keith Edwards, ?, Kathleen Haswell.
Front row L-R Susan Riddell, Carole Riddle, Susan Spicer, Malcolm Hale, Paul Emmett, Christine Slough, Jennifer Munden, ?, Christine Harris, Jacqueline Pearson, (?)Pat Reid.
02_Pic_two.jpg (35177 bytes)
Christmas party at Workmans Club, Whstd Club, East Lane c1963.
03_Pic_three.jpg (26837 bytes)
Murphy chemicals Outing c1971.
Back row Hazel Holloway, ?, ?, Venus Males, Dulcie Riddell.
Front row Norma Izzard, Jacqueline Riddell.
04_Pic_four.jpg (32124 bytes)
Children from Brewhouse Hill c 1960.
Back row Teresa Westwood, Susan Riddell, Sandra Westwood, Jeanette Dunham
Front row Jacqueline Riddell, Rodney Westood
05_Pic_five.jpg (23090 bytes)
Children from Brewhouse Hill c1960.
Susan Riddell, John Daniels.
Middle row The Wright brothers (Leslie, Keith, Norman and Dennis)
Front row ? Butterfield, Janet Shields (auntie of ? Butterfield.
All related except Susan Riddell.
06_Pic_six.jpg (29775 bytes)
Murphy Chemicals Christmas event, Whstd Memorial Hall. Clockwise around table - Mrs Paine, Mr Paine, ?, ?, Hazel Holloway, Hazel's husband, Marjorie's husband, Marjorie Defty, ?, ?(Weldons from Kimpton?), Dulcie Riddell, Jacqueline Riddell, Fred Retouchenack, Fred's wife.
07_Pic_seven.jpg (35222 bytes)
Birthday party after singing at Whstd Club in East Lane.  Children are same as in picture at the piano.
Aduls, clockwise  - Mr Curry (Peter's father), ?, Les Lamb, Mrs Bangs (Philip's mother), Gwen Rebisz, Marjory Defty, Joyce Canning, Effie Swain, ?, ?(hiding), ?, Dick Fletcher (local window cleaner)
08_Pic_eight.jpg (33979 bytes)
Whstd Junior football Club 1911-12.  Back row 2nd and 5th from L Thomas Pearce, Charles Pearce.
Front row 4th from L Tommy Latchford.
Rest not known.
09_Pic_nine.jpg (33061 bytes)
Helmets trip to Southsea c1937.
These include Tom Noblett snr (proprietor of Helmets), Morris O'Dell, Cecil Riddell, Irwin Humphrey, Kath Swallow, Wally Collins & Harry Harding.

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