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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (12)

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The pictures were all taken about 1978 
and kindly contributed by WelGarNet (View his site about Welwyn Garden city http://www.welgarnet.fsnet.co.uk/ )

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These are on the East side of Station Rd and High St
simage6.jpg (50029 bytes) simage11.jpg (41127 bytes)
The Bull
simage13.jpg (38015 bytes)
Jessamine Garage (with petrol pumps in forecourt)
EXTRA2.jpg (53694 bytes)
Jessamine cottage
extraIMAGE8.JPG (85126 bytes)
Fine Fare
EXTRA6.jpg (55756 bytes)
simage14.jpg (49911 bytes)

simage18.jpg (65601 bytes)
Lock & Vince Estate Agents

simage5.jpg (51436 bytes)
The White Cottage

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