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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (4)

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These pictures have been provided by courtesy of Barry Euinton - email -

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Robinson Crusoe Performance (year ?)

Back row - Frank Rainsden, Cecil Clark, Frank Neal, H Skillman, E Slough, Albert Dawes, P Latchford, Gilbert Smith and Reg Latchford.

2nd row - H Riddle, Bracey, Bygrave, ?, Billy Collins, C Hampton, A Hammond, B Bruton, W Westwood, D Neal, and G Hawkins.

Red Cow Pub near top of The Hill (c1866)


Family group outside The Red Cow (c1901)

Back row - ?, ?, ?, Grey, ?, ?
Front row - ?, ?, W Westwood, Westwood, N King, ?

The Blacksmiths (c1910)

Mr McCullock, Alf Izzard, Harry Westwood

The Blacksmiths owned by the Westwood family (at the rear of present building that was once Pearces and more recently Fourbuoys Newsagents in the High Street) 

The Westwood family (c1906)

Minnie Sarah Charlotte (nee Gray), William George (13 Aug 1862 - 1928), Doris Anne (1898 - 1958) 

Front row - Bernard George (1905 - 1975), William Charlie (1899 - 1959), Gladys Minnie (1902 - 2001)

Football Team 1907-8

Back Row ?, ?, ?, ?, Arthur Hewson, Mr. Westwood, ?
Middle Row ?, ?, ?
Bottom Row ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

(can you help with other names?)

Wheathampstead Fire Brigade (c1912)

In carriage - W Westwood, C Hanley, ?, ?, Bygrave, ?, Crooks, Barry, Mathews.

Standing - Hall, Humphrey, L Westwood, S Westwood, Allson, Beech, Dollimore, Bracey, Allen, H Westwood, Russell.

With horses - Rueban Dunham, C Collins.

highst1950.jpg (27859 bytes)highst2004col.jpg (25720 bytes)
The High Street in 1950 and 2004

Barclays Bank is now World Class Homes.  Next door was the Chemist shop (originally Spatman and later Busby) moved to the end of the Mill.  Barclays then had the shop for an extension and its cash point.  Next was a drapers and has become a Fish and Chip shop.  Mrs. Pateman's Greengrocer shop was next but this is now empty.  On the end of these buildings was a Café which used to be White's - it is now a Ladies Hairdresser.

The old Vauxhall was outside Mrs. Collins shop and the Petrol pump was still there.  Next to this is what used to be Pearce's Paper shop and when Mrs Pearce ran it (at the time of the 1950 photo) it was called Willis.

There is a Telephone Box next and also the Bus Shelter.  To the right, just hidden by the Mill is a building which is now an Estate Agents.

bairdsmi.jpg (19124 bytes)Rev. Baird-Smith (1940s?)

Rector at St Helen's Church before Rev. Roe.  He was at Wheathampstead 1921 - 1946.  Believe he went to retirement home for Vicars.

cong1955.jpg (127324 bytes)Holiday in Paignton with members of the Congregational Church 1955.

Back row 3rd from left Mr Tate owner/driver of the coach.  3rd from left in front row my mother Mrs Euinton.  5th from left in front row my aunt May Gray and next to her Miss Benslyn.

Dart1949.jpg (47950 bytes)Darts Team at the Red Cow 1949

Back row - N/k, Bill East, Owen Humphrey, George Izzard, Fred Skeggs or Mr Butcher, Bill Humphrey

Front row - Dick Fields,  'Paggy' Humphrey, Bill Westwood , 'Doogle' Bozier (with large cup), Bill Austin, Harry Rainsden (had Dyke Nursery) 

sth1953.jpg (50614 bytes)Harvest Festival at St Helen's Church.

Taken by Mrs Shorbatoff in 1953.

ve1945.jpg (60578 bytes)Victory in Europe party 1945

Grown ups from the left - N/K, Hilda Riddle, Mrs Bangs, Mrs Beadle, N/K, 2 men at rear are Humphreys, next 3 N/K, Bill Humphrey, next 2 ladies N/K, Aunt Cis Westwood.

Front row 3 boys - Barry Euinton, Fred Bangs, and Roger.

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