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Wheathampstead History in Pictures (2)

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The pictures on this page have been kindly provided by Max Saunders (New Zealand).  The pictures are believed to be dated between 1900/8.  Have you some pictures to share?

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Whdfball.jpg (33688 bytes)
Wheathampstead Football Club (1902-3)
Top - H Hawkins (referee), L Hawkins (goalkeeper), G Saunders, A Bangs
Priestly (captain), H Nash (trainer), J Bangs (linesman)
Middle - H Bangs, C Payne, H Payne
Bottom - W Crawley, W Baigent, F Edmunds (vice captain), F G Collins (hon. sec) A Hewson.

WHS10.jpg (31749 bytes)
Wheathampstead Golf Club (1901)
Showing Arthur Catlin (golf pro.)

WHS1.jpg (42081 bytes)
New Marford

WHS4.jpg (42838 bytes)
The High Street (c1904) - looking north

WHS5.jpg (32730 bytes)
The Swan

WHS6.jpg (34136 bytes)
The High Street - looking south

WHS7.jpg (30794 bytes)
St Helen's Church

WHS8.jpg (40200 bytes)
Marford Hill

WHS9.jpg (37521 bytes)
St Helen's School

I'm not local (12,000 miles away in fact). My ancestors left Wheathampstead in the 1840s and 1850s for New Zealand. The photos I inherited from my grandparents who kept contact with relatives in WHS up 'til WW1 - Max Saunders

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