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Wheathampstead Manor
Account Roll 1405 - 1406

Whstd local history group

Translated and compiled in tabular format by V S White

The volume contains a summary of the accounts in tabular form, a highly provisional translation of the Latin text, the Account Roll written in Medieval Latin reproduced at approximately 86% scale for 1405 1406 and the lower section of that for 1408 1409.

It includes the names of men and women contained within the Account Roll.  Also the acres rented and farmed, the price paid to their landlord Westminster Abbey, and the names by which the fields were then known.

ISBN 0-9540129-5-X Published 3 February, 2005 Paperback.
Height 250mm Width 190mm 
346 pages of which 71 are black and white illustrations
[66 original A/c roll, 2 diagrams, 3 photographs].

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V S White, 13 Garden Court, Wheathampstead, Herts, AL4 8RE
Tel: 01582 832618

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  "Wheathampstead Manor - Account Roll 1405 - 1406"

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