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by Claire Ashmore

(daughter of Laurie Seymour, a former parish councillor)

Mr Lee had a lot to do with St. Peter's Church.  Sunday School was 2.15pm on Sundays.  As I lived at Dale Cottage (right next door to the church) - I started to go before my 3rd birthday. My cousin Jennifer Dow would collect me.  We would collect Ship Halfpennies for the Seaman Mission for our collection.  Most children on the common attended.     
I was christened at St Peter's as were my cousins and brother William.  When my daughter was born we had her Christened there, even though we lived in Chesterfield by then. I was so pleased to know the Baptismal Roll was found by Rodney Locks, and he has been able to restore it.  Ian and I also had a Blessing service at the church for our 25th anniversary. Now we are about to celebrate our 45th in October (2013).
Mr Lee would make house visits every Friday afternoon.  He would call for a cup of tea and piece of cake with my mother, and other people on the common. As he was not very talkative some people would avoid opening the door to him, pretending to be out, but Mum was very good to him and always invited him in for a cuppa.
We also had Sunday School teas  - I think I still have a photograph of such an event taken at Mr. Barclays on the lawn.  Carol Maguire (nee MacNally)  lived at The Dell, she will remember all this, and she still lives in Wheathampstead.   I remember I would sit under the wall mounted plaque dedicated to Lucy Straw.  I always wondered who she was.  I know now, and ironically I sit with her copper warming pan on my lounge wall in my home - thanks to Granddad Lovell who bought a number of items from a house sale when she passed away.
We all had idyllic childhoods living on the common - out all hours during the school summer holidays. Climbing trees, finding golf balls that we would sell back to Mr Peters at the golf club, then spend the money in Mrs Thompson's shop down the Dell.  The whole of my family lived at Gustard Wood, both sets of grandparents, all Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, we all grew up together.

I did not know the Wheathampstead station platform had been restored.  Mr Lee was my Sunday School teacher at St. Peter's.

(See pictures of station entrance)


updated 18 December 2013

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