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Its lovely web site I learnt a lot about the village I was born in thank you .

My Parents moved to Wheathampstead from Edgware after they were married in 1937.  Their names were Gommaire Adolphe George Van Looy and my mother Florence Elizabeth Kathleen Hobden.  My Father family came from Belgium although my father was born in England.  During the war he worked as an aircraft fitter for the De Havilland Aircraft factory

I have five of my brothers and one sister born in the village from 1940 to 1951 when myself (Yvonne)and my twin brother Julian was born so if any one remembers the 'Van Looy' family we lived at 7 Dyke Lane.  It be nice to have a photo of the house we lived at as I cant remember it as we left the village cir 1951 and moved to Essex

My parents attended the St Thomas More Church , Wheathampstead and my older siblings were baptized there although I don't know the dates.  Photograph shown is of my brother and sister with my parents about 1947/8.

If anyone remember my family as I am searching my family history or any photos of the old house please.  Kind Regards,
Yvonne Burder (nee Van Looy)   email -                                        (June 2007)

I have just come across your website and thought I would add a word or two.  My name is Jean Whalley and I lived in Wheathampstead in Granary Close with my husband (Bill) and sons Christopher and Roger from 1971 until we moved to St.Neots in Cambridgeshire in 1999.  Bill passed away in 2001, Christopher and his wife live in Cheshire and Roger, his wife and two sons live 5 miles from me in Great Staughton.  I keep in touch with a few friends in the village and try to visit every now and then.  Looking at your website brought back very happy memories i.e. being in pantomimes which the W.I. put on at the Memorial Hall every January for many years.  Bill used to help with the lighting along with Sam Collins.

If anybody with like to contact me my e mail address is  -       (May 2007)

I wondered if anyone has any knowledge about the beginnings of Helmets Ltd. and its founder, or ? co-founder Thomas Noblett.  Thank you.
Amelia. e mail      (May 2007)

Not looked at this site for some time still good and interesting I would like info on the pub The Royal Oak at the folly Wheathampstead.  In 1901 the publican was George Elmore, Who was his wife? Who came to work there after him? Was there an Arnold or Anderson living there and working as barmen?   Any info  would be great, cheers! 
S Castleman   email 

Hi ,
My name is Martin Fisher now the ripe old age of 51,I use to live in Wheathampstead many years ago and attended the Infants, Junior and Secondary schools.
My first family home was up Brewhouse Hill in a little cottage next to the Helmets factory where my grandad (Bob Cunnington) worked.  We moved from there to one of council houses just up the hill on the right No 88.  We lived there until I was 11 and we then moved up to the top of the hill to No4 HillTop View which was once a farm workers home.  I stayed there until I was 21 when I moved out to Luton because my wife to-be and myself could not afford a home in Wheathampstead (houses were expensive even back then) I often travel thro the village when ever we are coming over that way and it brings back some very fond memories.  Having looked thro your web site, which I must say is very good and gives a 'welcome feeling' to all who reads it.  I can confirm that it is me aged 12 (the one on the far right) in the picture of the Queen Mother at the opening of the secondary school.  We had made a scale replica of the 54BC settlement that was just on the village outskirts at Devils Dyke.  The Queen Mother praised us on our detail of the model.  I still have the same picture up in our home to show friends that I once meet 'Royalty'.
Best regards, Martin Fisher   email -    (Feb 2007)

Thankyou for a trip down memory lane. I came across your site while researching family history.  I grew up in Kimpton, but have fond memories of attending Wheathampstead Secondary School when it first opened in 1965/66, a great pity that it had to close, wonder what happened to some of the original teachers i.e Mr. Newlands who taught science and maths, Miss Houghton (she married Mr Newlands) taught geography (?) may be history as well ? Mrs Kirby arts and pottery and Mrs Elliott house craft/cookery.  I also got my first full time job working in Busby chemist (as it was in 1969/70).  The village has changed a lot since my teenage years, but still seems to retain some of its old charm. The photo gallery is brilliant.   
Mary French(nee Barnes)  Bedfordshire.    

I am pleased to say that the guest book is now operational again.  However input is via email as the previous system was being missused by advertisers etc.
Brian Joyce (web master) 4 July 2006

My sister told me of this site. It brought many happy memories of our childhood 1958 -1969. It was the most happy time ever. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!
Sue Handford nee Clarke   
Mylor Bridge, Cornwall, England - 14:54:10 Tuesday 21 March 2006

This is Michelle Burton, Melanie's sister who's message appears somewhere below. She mentioned this site so I thought I should take a look. I was only 8 when we moved to the States so have little memory of what I still refer to as home.
Michelle Burton  
Madison, Wisconsin, USA - 01:24:35 Sunday 12 March 2006

hello.i have two lost uncles named george and william[bill]Ellis, who i believe moved to Wheathampstead in the 40s or50s, they had siblings of Marie, Elieen, Maud, Doll [alice,] these girls were evacuated from E.London in 1940ish to Devon and stayed there. The two brothers were enlisted. After the war they moved to Wheathampstead where they married two sisters, i think!
From other relations i believe they were good cricketers and may have joined Wheathampstead cricket club.
did you know these two men or are you related, i would love to hear from you. thank you....
mr b. reynolds  
 14:34:39 Wednesday 25 January 2006

I was born in wheathampstead and my family (the riddell family)used to live up wheathampstead hill,we moved away when i was 3 in 1949 but often returned to visit my gran and aunt who lived in wayside cottage wheathampstead hill,their name was Bracey. I also had a aunt sylvia Field who used to live at 46 Necton road,sadly these people are all deceased now.But i have many memories of Wheathampstead and when we stayed at my grans cottage we often played on the Wick behind her cottage.My grandfather owned a saddlers shop in the high st in the early 1900s.love to here from anyone who remembers our family or the braceys etc .Love the website
kings lynn, norfolk, No country - 21:04:42 Tuesday 17 January 2006

I have been looking for information to follow up with family and friends I have lost touch with and came across this site. I was born in England and attended Beech Hyde School in Wheathampstead and then moved to the United States in 1985, if anyone can help me find out some information, please feel free to email me.
Melanie Burton     
Wheathampstead, No county/state, UK - 07:17:03 Monday 16 January 2006

I was just looking for information on my family (Rainsdon) and stumbled upon this site. If you know anything more on Henry Rainsdon I would appreciate it. My family records show nothing of him.
Maria Rainsdon     
Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States - 20:26:23 Saturday 12 November 2005

Thoroughly enjoyed reading Pam Murray's 'Memories of Wheathampstead 1941 - 1976' and would be most interested to hear from anyone with any memories or information regarding Miss 'Bubbles' Rainbow (Zuleka), the girl guide captain, as I think we may be distantly related.
Many thanks

No town/city, No county/state, No country - 20:01:34 Wednesday 07 September 2005

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