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This page provides a location for information about early families of Wheathampstead.  It is for general interest and to enable those that have descended from the families to contribute into the source of information.

Updated 21 June 2013


In researching my EAGLETON families I have recently become aware that I might have a connection with an EAGLETON family in Wheathampstead:  i.e. - John EAGLETON and Mary Higham (Hyam, Hyams, Frain, Frains) married 30 Oct 1780, Wheathampstead (from LDS records)...

Sarah, christened 24 Dec 1780
Maria, christened 1788
arlotte, christened 2 Oct 1794
Philice, christened 25 Mar 1798
William, christened 1802
James, christened 1807

all the above christened in Wheathampstead...

William of 1802 married a Mary Wilson WOODWARD in 1824 at St Albans, Hertfordshire - they later emigrated to Australia (where I sit as I type)...  From a recently acquired family photo, in the possession of William's descendants, this William called my gg grandfather, cousin - "my" EAGLETONs are mostly associated with Kent, and "my" Benjamin EAGLETON b1833 Southwark, Surrey also emigrated to Australia... 

If there is anyone there who has an interest in, or knowledge of this family, could you please pass on this message - I would very much like to know how the two branches might be connected...

Regards, Ben Eagleton   email -                                            added Sept. 2008

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What a surprise-- I stumbled across this site, so have been sitting here for ages just printing out the info for my Mum, Kathleen Pinder-nee Ellingham, born and raised in Wheathampstead, she is now 86 & lives in Melbourne

My Mother was very interested to read the news, but can't add any photos.  She was born at the Factory house at the folly in 1916, & went to school at St. Helen's where she went on to be Head GirlFred Ellingham, her Dad, was the Manager at the  Factory  House (hats) at the Folly, owned by Osborne of Luton, next to the Chapel.  My grandparents actually lived there.  Kath & Mary Ellingham were both born there.  It was a big 4 bedroom home.   See pictures   My great aunts-Lill Smith & Maude Hunt were milliners, at that time too.

They later lived at "The Willows" Lower Luton Rd. - 2 houses down from the Cherry Trees.  (I can't imagine that old place being any thing but a pub!)

Mum's brother Bill still plays the organ at the Folly, he lives in Harpenden.  I've e-mailed the site to my cousin in Poole, so she can show her Dad when he goes down.  Mum's other brother Eric is aged 94.

My Great Gran was French, & she lived up the Folly fields.  My Mum married at St Helen's in 1936 to Ray Pinder, then they moved to Luton, where I was born in 1937.  My Grandad died at 92 & he rode his bike up to that time.  Gran was 88.  All French's & Ellinghams buried at St. Helens.

I can't add much more Brian at this stage, only my own memories of cycling to Gran's from Warden Hill, along the "Bottom Road, as it was called, past Lady Ludlows, & that stinkin sewerage joint --happy days! 

Carol  email -

There may not be any links to the family above but the  1881 census for Wheathampstead gives

At Pickford Mill Cottages
Thomas ELLINGHAM, 55 (Laborer)
Maria ELLINGHAM 55 (Charwoman)
Daniel ELLINGHAM 13 (Newspaper Boy Street Seller)

1851 Census - 
Ellingham at Bury Green:
John Ellingham, Wid, 60, Late Gardener, b Totternhoe, Beds
Mary Ellingham, dau, Unm, 26 bonnet Sewer b Whstd

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My 4x Grandfather was Thomas Ephgrave who owned Herons Farm in Gustard Wood.  He married Elizabeth Kilby 29th July 1812 in Wheathampstead.  I am trying to find out the name of his parents. If you have any information to hand I would appreciate it.  I have the Last will and Testament for Thomas and Elizabeth plus a transcript of Elizabeth's who survived her husband.   My family line is via Fredrick.

On the 1851 census via Ancestry there is a miss spelling the entry is Ephriam whereas on the CD ROM purchased from Hertfordshire County Council - "Hertfordshire Families" - it is correct for  Herons Farm.

As previously stated I have drawn a blank regarding Thomas' parents. Any information regarding this would be most welcome.

Tony Ephgrave  email                                      added June 2007

From the 1881 census

Brogdell Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead.
George EPHGRAVE M 80 M Wheathampstead, Hertford, England Rel: Head Occ: Retired Farmer
Phebe EPHGRAVE M 78 F Wheathampstead, Hertford, England Rel: Wife

John EPHGRAVE M 68 M Watton, Hertford, England Rel: Head Occ: Blacksmith & Grocer
Eliza EPHGRAVE M 68 F Wheathamstead, Hertford, England Rel: Wife
Walter EPHGRAVE M 44 M Sandridge, Hertford, England Rel: Son Occ: Blacksmith
Mary EPHGRAVE U 36 F Sandridge, Hertford, England Rel: Daur
Charles N. EPHGRAVE 1 M France Rel: Grand Son

Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead,
James WILLIAMS M 37 M Uxbridge Rel: Head Occ: Builder & Decorator Partnership With J.F.Owen 32 Men 2 Boys In Employ
Emily WILLIAMS M 37 F Haslemere Rel: Wife
Ellen Bradly WILLIAMS 14 F St Marylebone Rel: Daur
Emily Marie WILLIAMS 12 F St Marylebone Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Charles Albert WILLIAMS 9 M St Pancras Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Edith Mary WILLIAMS 8 F St Pancras Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Thomas Henry WILLIAMS 6 M St Pancras Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Infant WILLIAMS 1 m M Wheathamstead Rel: Son
Emmeline SMITH 19 F Monks Risboro Rel: Serv Occ: Cook & C
Sarah EPHGRAVE W 65 F Wheathamstead Rel: Serv Occ: Nurse (Dom)

There is mention of a graves at St Helen's Wheathampstead for George Ephrgrave who died December 1882 aged 83 and his wife Phoebe aged 87 (September 1887)
also a Thomas Ephgrave died aug 28 1849 aged 20
William Ephgrave died Nov 11 1847 aged 23

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The militia list for Wheathampstead gives Thomas Ewer as a farmer's son 1760/1762 & as a farmer 1763/5 with address at either just Wheathampstead or The Cross.

I have seen a transcription of the Wheathampstead register which gives the following baptisms (all sons of John & Mary) - 

5 Sep 1748  John
28 Jul 1751  William
15 Apr 1753  Deacon 
5 Oct 1752  James
24 Nov 1754  Thomas

Also 1600 -1700 3 entries and the burial of Thomas. son of John 24 Nov 1754.

John & Mary are my direct ancestors and I can't their births or marriage.

John was probably too old for militia service in 1760. Tom took over the farm (which farm?) about 1762/3.
Maybe Tom is a brother of John. Anyway Ewer is very uncommon and it seems unlikely that the 2 are not related somehow. Does anyone know any more??

I'd be delighted to pad out this Wheathampstead connection

Michael Ewer, Rugby England - email -  

1851 Census - 
Ewer – no Ewer’s listed in 1851 Whstd


I have been sent the Early Wheathampstead Families page by a cousin in NZ. Looking for her own family tree she discovered my maiden name.  I have researched my Ewer family in St. Albans back to 1758.  Mother Mary had 3 sons (John b 1792 James b 1793 Thomas b 1800).
Sorry I can't help with any earlier dates but may be able to fill in some branches.

Mary Jarrett (nee Ewer) email  

Note added Oct 2004

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1851 Census - 
James Fensom, Head, Mar, 50, Ag Lab b Kimpton
Maria Fensom, wife, 52, b Whstd
Eliza Fensom, dau, 13 straw plait, b Whstd
Charlotte Norris, dau, wid, 29, straw plait, b Kimpton
Wm Norris, grandson, 9m b Harpenden
Thomas Lawrence, son-in-law, mar, 22, Ag Lab b Harpenden
Ann Lawrence, wife, 20, b Whstd
Mary Lawrence, grandau, 1 b Whstd

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My G.G.Grandfather lived (near) the Swan Inn Wheathampstead from about 1845 to 1857.  He was John Fitzjohn b.1819 in Harpenden.  He moved to Wheathampstead with his wife Eliza Woodwards b. Kimpton 1824. John was an agricultural labourer and Eliza did straw plaiting.  They had four children in their cottage near the Swann Inn:

George born 1846
Eliza born 1848
Charles born 1850
Thomas b.28-aug-1852 ,my g.grandad
Their next three children were born in Harpenden so they must have moved back there in about 1858.  Johns parents were both from Harpenden , they were Thomas Fitzjohn b 1775 and Ann Hubbins b 1782

Graham Fitzjohn  email -                                                         added Dec 2005

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I have found Charles Floyd in 1881 living with his wife Harriet and two children James and William at the Horse and Jockey. Was he a publican there or else just living there.

My grandfather Charles William Floyd lived in one of the houses that were demolished near Butterfield Road, these looked directly onto the road that leads to Harpenden. He was Known as Wag, Charlie or Titch. My grandmother was Mary Woods and she lived there with my grandfather and her mother. My grandfather worked on local farms and at one time lived in a cottage behind the Crooked Chimney.

If anyone has any information or can point me in the direction of finding families from Wheathampstead I would be very grateful.
Steven Floyd   email -                                               added Oct 2008

Note from webmaster - From St Helens memorials records Charlie Floyd died July 29th 1899 aged 71; also William Floyd died Sept 20th 1902 aged 26,


I have just looked at your web site and was very interested to see the family French.  My mothers grandfather was a William French born at Kimpton in 1866 and died in1931.  Do you have any information about him? My mother never knew him.  I lived at Wheathampstead for a few years during the seventies, so am familiar with the area.

Additional family members of William French that I have are:

Brothers and sisters:
Thomas b1858
Annie b1860
Emily b 1862
John b 1863
Walter b 1868
William's parents were James French and Sophia Snoxall  m 1854 and I believe they lived at Church End in Kimpton.

James ' parents were Thomas French and Mary Chambers m 1813

William enlisted in the Royal Garrison Artillery in 1885 and served for 26 years.  He married Jane Nicholls in Nasirabad  and had 2 children Charlotte Sophia and Florence Hilda.  On his return to this country  he worked for JW Green brewery in Luton and then became the licensee of the Royal Standard pub in Luton.

Hope you can help, Many thanks  Paula Dugdale  email -
submitted 19 Oct 2002

submitted by Alec French 14 Feb 2003

Descendants of Charles French

1-Charles FRENCH b: 1763, d: 1831, Peters Green
+Mary BUNYON b: 1764, d: 1837, Peters Green, m: 25 Jul 1786, Wheathamstead
   2-Mary FRENCH b: 10 Nov 1786, (Wheathampstead)
   +William JOINER , m: 18 Oct 1804, Kimpton
   2-Thomas FRENCH chr: 18 Dec 1791, Kimpton, d: 1850, Peters Green
   +Mary b: 1791, Kings Walden, d: 1865, Kimpton
      3-James FRENCH chr: 3 Sep 1815, Peters Green, d: 1889, Kimpton
      +Mary Anne ADAMS , m: 8 Dec 1838, Kimpton, par: Richard ADAMS and Unknown
      +Sophia SNOXALL b: 1828, Kimpton, d: 1895, Kimpton, m: 1854, Kimpton,  par: William SNOXALL and Unknown
         4-Eliza FRENCH chr: 6 Apr 1856, Kimpton, d: 1875, Kimpton
         4-Thomas FRENCH chr: 4 Apr 1858, Kimpton
         +Mary BURGESS b: 1851, m: 23 Dec 1882, Kimpton, par: Vince BURGESS and Unknown
            5-Annie FRENCH chr: 20 Sep 1885, Kimpton
         4-Annie FRENCH chr: 5 Feb 1860, Kimpton, d: 1869, Peters Green
         4-Emily FRENCH chr: 3 Feb 1862, Kimpton, d: 1862, Kimpton
         4-John FRENCH chr: 1 Nov 1863, Kimpton
         4-William FRENCH chr: 3 Dec 1865, Kimpton
         4-Walter FRENCH chr: 2 Aug 1868, Kimpton
         +Agnes Charlotte GOUGH , m: 1 Oct 1892, Kimpton 
         4-Emma FRENCH chr: 23 Aug 1840, Kimpton
         4-James FRENCH chr: 20 Jul 1842
         4-Louisa FRENCH chr: 7 Sep 1845, Kimpton
         +Charles DAY b: 1845, m: 30 Nov 1872, Kimpton, par: William DAY and Unknown
         4-George FRENCH chr: 4 Mar 1849, Kimpton
      3-Thomas FRENCH chr: 23 Nov 1817, Kimpton
      +Mary b: 1817, St. Pauls Walden
         4-Hannah FRENCH chr: 30 Jan 1842, Wheathampstead
      3-George FRENCH b: 18 Mar 1820, Peters Green
      +Emma PURTON 
         4-Ann Sara FRENCH b: 1853, Luton
      3-William FRENCH chr: 10 Aug 1823, Kimpton
      +Hannah DAY , m: 29 Dec 1844, Kimpton, par: John DAY and Unknown
      3-Hannah FRENCH b: 1830
      +Henry BANGS b: 1828, m: 7 Jun 1856, Kimpton, par: Edward BANGS and Unknown
      3-Joseph FRENCH b: 1833
      +Harriet BANGS b: 1834, m: 7 Jun 1856, Kimpton, par: Edward BANGS and Unknown
         4-James FRENCH chr: 3 Aug 1856, Kimpton
         4-George FRENCH chr: 2 May 1858, Kimpton
         4-Eliza FRENCH chr: 3 Jan 1860, Kimpton
         4-Henry FRENCH b: 1865, West Hyde, d: 1890
         4-Amy FRENCH chr: 3 Nov 1867, Kimpton
         4-Jane FRENCH chr: 5 Feb 1871, Kimpton
         4-Elizabeth FRENCH chr: 1 Nov 1874, Kimpton
         4-Arthur FRENCH chr: 19 Nov 1876, Kimpton, d: 10 Jan 1877, Kimpton
      3-Charles FRENCH b: 1836, Kimpton
      +Maria SHADBOLT chr: 30 Oct 1836, Kimpton, m: 18 Sep 1869, Kimpton, par: George SHADBOLT and Elizabeth BURTON
         4-Walter FRENCH chr: 5 Dec 1869, Kimpton
         4-Annie Maria FRENCH chr: 5 Jan 1873, Kimpton
         4-Frederick Thomas FRENCH chr: 19 Mar 1876, Kimpton
   2-Elizabeth FRENCH chr: 26 Feb 1797, Kimpton
   +Johm GATHARD , m: 26 Nov 1814, Kimpton
   2-James FRENCH chr: 10 Aug 1799, Kimpton
   2-John FRENCH chr: 16 May 1802, Kimpton, d: 1842, Peters Green
   +Judith b: 1787, Kings Walden, d: 1863, Peters Green
      3-Fanny FRENCH b: 1821, Kimpton
   2-George FRENCH chr: 28 Jun 1806, Kimpton
   +Eliza b: 1811, Luton
      3-Emma FRENCH b: 1833, Luton
         4-Jane FRENCH b: 1852, Wheathampstead
      3-Charles FRENCH b: 1840, Wheathampstead
      3-James FRENCH b: 1844, Wheathampstead

For more comprehensive details visit

 (updated Jan2011)
compiled by Alec French email - 

1851 Census - 
French at Brewhouse Hill
George French, Mar, 45, Carpenter b Kimpton
Elizabeth French, wife 40 b Luton, Beds
Emma, Dau un 20 Straw Plait, b Luton
Charles, son, 11 scholar b Whstd
James, son 8 scholar b Whstd

French at Gustard Wood :
William French, Mar, 29, Ag Lab, b Whstd
Hannah French, wife, 28 Straw Plait b Beds (nee Day)

French at Amwell:
William French, Head, Unm, 33, Ag Lab b Kimpton
Sarah French, Mother, Wid, 53, Straw Plait, b Kimpton

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My Great grandfather Amos Gale had a pub. 

The story my grandfather, always told, was that his father Amos Gale owned either a brewery and a couple of pubs, or vise-versa. {I can't recall which] However, due to a court case of some sort, he lost the lot. My grandfather certainly had lots to say about " b...y lawers" as a result of his beliefs. Amos's wife was Mary Ann Gale [nee Brown].  They had 9 or 10 children the first born about 1878.

My Grandfather [his son] was born 'near Wheathampstead' in 1889 as was the last brother, born in 1900
I have a photo believed to have been taken outside the door of the pub, of Mary Ann and Bert the youngest son, who looks to be about 10 years old.  We previously thought the photo was in Luton. There is also a photo of Amos, but it is a rather poor one.

The story went, that Great grandfather Amos would go out for business, in the horse and cart, and return after many hours, having had a drink at every pub on the way home again. ["the horse knew it's way home"]
Amos died in 1936 in Wheathampstead.   Where did you find out that Amos had been the publican and have you any idea of how long he was the publican? If you follow up on the court case angle; know how I could research that from here in Australia, or have any other information, I would be very grateful as it would help my family tree research. 

I believe there are still Gale descendants still living in Wheathampstead somewhere but I don't know how to find them, and someone said they may also have owned the common/green

I look forward to receiving a reply from you soon
Regards Margaret Murray (nee Gale) email - 

Contribution 31st May 2004

Hi, have really enjoyed looking round your site, especially reading all the stories about the families from the area. I am researching my family tree and I could have links with the Gales of Wheathampstead, Especially the Ernest born 1885, anyone who knows anything about Ernest Gale in particular who he married please contact me, Thanks and keep up the good work
Mandy  email -   
South Yorkshire, UK               contributed 13 January 2005

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I am trying to find the correct first name and the maiden name of the wife of Thomas Gathard (born about 1795 and most likely at Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire. According to the LDS IGI he married Hannah Huntley at Wheathampstead on the 15th Oct 1808.  They had five children; Ann, Charles, Charlotte, Sarah and Eliza.  When I check the LDS IGI for a birth date, place and parents of Hannah, I can only find the name Ann Hunt born at Wheathampstead in 1788, which would tie in date and place-wise.  Is there anyone out there who could you please tell me Thomas Gathard's wife's name etc please?  I know that Hannah was often substituted for Ann in the old days, but is there in fact a Hannah Huntley, or should the surname be Hunt.  In the 1851 census she is shown as Ann Gathard, Washerwoman, residing with her husband, Thomas, at the home of William and Eliza Wren and 3 children at High Street Wheathampstead (HO 107/1713)  Your help would be most appreciated.

Sincerely Colin Smith, Western Australia  email:             added 14/5/2008


Hello, I noticed that the name Gathard is shown in the list of early Wheathampstead families. I don't know much about my family history. However my father Sidney Kenneth Gathard, who was born in 1910 lived in St Albans, and went to St Albans School before the war. His father was called Sidney, but that is as much as I know. Perhaps my antecedants are from Wheathampstead, since it is in the same area.

If any of you can add to my knowledge I would be grateful.

John Gathard email -

1851 Census - 
Gathard at High St.
Thomas Gathard, Father-in-law, Mar, 68, Ag Lab, b Whstd
Hannah Gathard, Mother-in-law, wife, 60, Washerwoman, b Whstd
In-laws to William Wren, Head, Mar, 30, Ag Lab b Hatfield
Eliza Wren, wife, 28, straw plait, b Whstd
With 3 other Wren children all b Whstd

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I'm trying to trace any links of the Gatward family which I noticed is listed in Wheathampstead.  I'm particularly interested in Frank Gatward (My Grandfather) who came up to Hoby Leicestershire and married into the Henson family.  I'm also aware that we have links with Gatwards that lived in Slough.

Any information gratefully received.  Kind regards

Jonathan Gatward  email - 

1851 Census -
Gathard at High St.
Thomas Gathard, Father-in-law, Mar, 68, Ag Lab, b Whstd
Hannah Gathard, Mother-in-law, wife, 60, Washerwoman, b Whstd (nee Huntley)
In-laws to William Wren, Head, Mar, 30, Ag Lab b Hatfield
Eliza Wren, wife, 28, straw plait, b Whstd (nee Gathard)
With 3 other Wren children all b Whstd

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The Census of 1901 gives one of my past relatives as being the owner of  THE  WALNUT  TREE  in Church Street.  It was apparently a  Colin Houivelle Gill.  The Census also mentions his wife who was a Sarah Ann Gill and also worked in the pub.  They had a daughter called Ada Lucy Gill who in 1901 was 18 years old and lived with them.  Colin was 44yrs and Sarah Ann was 45yrs old.  It also says Colin was a Publican AND a Boot Maker !  It is Sarah Ann who is the more direct relative as her maiden name was Abraham.  She was born in Portsmouth (as I was too) along with many relatives.  She was the daughter and 7th child of my Great Great Grandfather a George Lucy.  

Sarah Ann and Colin were married in Portsmouth in May 1882 and I know they lived in Chelsea in the 1891 Census.  However, I don't know when they moved in to the pub or how long they were there.   I hope you find the above of interest and again apologise for any inconvenience of contacting you.

Best wishes  Gordon Abraham   email                             Jan 2012

In 1909 Ada Lucy Gill married William Hill at Romford in Essex; he was a bootmaker.  Two years later they were living at 30 Victoria Road Romford and Colin Hoinvelle Gill and Sarah Gill were visiting.  Colin’s profession is shown as bootmaker (not publican).  He and Sarah had been married for 29 years and had had 4 children but only Ada was still living.

In 1911 the publican at the Walnut Tree was Thomas Boyle born in Cork. He was a licenced victualler and grocery store keeper.  On the Wheathampstead History page there is a picture of the Walnut Tree pub taken in the early 1900’s.  Next door is a shop described as a sweet shop.  Perhaps in Colin Gill’s time it was a bootmaker’s workshop.

Anthony M. Carter                                                              Jan 2012


I thought that you may like these pictures for your site. They are of my Great grandparents John and Charlotte (nee Summerfield ) Goodman and their sons Frank, Philip and Andrew. They lived at The Folly in Wheathampstead from 1875 until 1912 (may be longer) John was a carpenter and Charlotte was a bonnet finisher. John was born in Barbados in 1840 and Charlotte came from Dunstable where her family had lived for many years.
Hope that this will be of interest.
Yours Rebecca Fuller, nee Goodman  - email  

(Click on image below to see larger version, then click Back in your browser to return to this page.)

John and Charlotte (nee Summerfield) Goodman with their sons Andrew frank and Philip2.jpg (27001 bytes) John and Charlotte (nee Summerfield) Goodman with their sons Andrew Frank and Philip
Frank goodman and Maude Day possiably a wedding photo2.jpg (21312 bytes) Frank Goodman and Maude Day possibly a wedding photo.

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Other surnames included: Ansell, Briars, Cain, Carter, Cherry, Goodship, Henley, King, Munt, Needham, Odell, Sell, Slough, Todd, Waldock, Wells

Goodship Family (pdf format)

submitted by Anthony M. Carter    email:                         14 Dec 2008

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Descendants of James Gray (born Abt. 1795)  .pdf file   includes Wilsher name also.
Submitted by Judy Jones    email -

added May 2009

Phoebe Brown
(contributed by Paul Goodwin)


I am a grandson of Francis George Gray (also known as Frank) who was born in Wheathampstead around 1879 and was killed in action in World War I on 24th October 1918 near Arras, France.

From the 1881 census I have established that he was the son of George Gray (born abt 1852) and Mary S. Gray (Sophie?). He also had brothers George F. Gray (abt 1877) and Walter Gray (abt 1880). They lived at 84 Cherry Trees in Wheathampstead. All of them were born in Wheathampstead.

I met “Uncle Walter” who, I believe, lived in Southampton and was a steward on one of the ocean-going liners.

But I would like to know what relation they are to Herbert Gray who also lived in Wheathampstead but was born in Harpenden. I met “Uncle Herbert” in about 1975 in Wheathampstead and understood him to be one of my grandfather’s brothers – but that does not now appear to be the case. Herbert Gray’s father was another George Gray (married to Susan) who was born in Harpenden. The family were living at The Three Horse Shoes in Harpenden Common in 1901.

Can anyone shed any light so that I can complete work on my family tree?
Francis A. (Frank) Gray   email -                                                                   contributed 11 May 2005

(added 12/5/05)  By the way, I have just been looking at the 1861 census and find that my grandfather’s father, George Gray (1852/1853) was son of Charles Gray (born 1819Charles and his wife Ann lived with their 6 children in “Beer House, The Red Cow”. I also note that another Charles Gray, one of Herbert Gray’s brothers, was the proprietor of the Red Cow in 1901 (“Wheathampstead in 1901)

From The Herts Advertiser & St Albans Times – 17th March 1944                                (added 15/5/2005)

"An Interesting link with the past has been severed by the death, which occurred on Thursday of last week, at his home, ' Fern Cottage," The Hill, Wheathampstead, of Mr. Edward Gray. He was 95 years of age and was believed to be Wheathampstead's oldest inhabitant. Born at the "Red' Cow" beer-house, just opposite his home, he was one of an original family of twelve children of the former licensee.  A sister (Mrs. M. S. Westwood) is the present licensee and she and a brother and sister are now the only survivors of the family. The late Mr. Gray was a railway worker for many years. On retiring, he devoted himself to gardening, but for many years had been blind. Since the death of his wife fifteen years ago, a son Mr. L. Gray, and his wife and two children, had lived with him. The funeral took place on Tuesday in the' Parish' Churchyard, the first part of the service being held in the Congregational Church, which Mr. Gray formerly attended. It was conducted by the Rev. J. Henderson, who also officiated at the graveside. The mourners were Mr. and Mrs. L. Gray (son and daughter-in-law). Mrs. Walter Gray (sister-in-law), Messrs. Harry and Tom Westwood and Mr. Herbert Gray (nephews), .Mrs. Herbert Gray, and Mrs. P. Glenister and the Misses Doris and Gladys Westwood (nieces)."

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I can trace my GROOM line to Wheathampstead through repeated references in the 1851 – 1901 censuses.  George GROOM and his wife, Elizabeth FURR both hailed from Wheathampstead – were married in St. Helen’s on 28 January 1835.  But, all their children were born in Waltham Abbey between 1837 and 1849.

However, while in England (August 2003), I had a look at the 1851 Census for Wheathampstead (trying to leave no stone unturned). I found 3 GROOM entries for Wheathampstead [Reference H.O. 107/1713, Folios 12 and 55].

The details  are [Name, Age, Occupation, Born]
Folio 12, Page 16
James GROOM, 35, Agricultural Labourer, Wheathampstead
Suzanna GROOM, 37
William GROOM, 5
James GROOM, 3

Folio 12, Page 17
*Thomas GROOM, 64, Agricultural Labourer, Wheathampstead
*Ann GROOM, 65, Straw Plaiter, Wheathampstead
Thomas GROOM, 30, , Wheathampstead
Ann GROOM (Daur in Law), 30, , Wheathampstead

Folio 55, Page 21
Charles GROOM, 29, Agricultural Labourer, Wheathampstead
Ann GROOM, 30

* Also found that a Thomas GROOM married Ann SHARP at St. Helen’s on 12 October 1802.

Then I found this site and with Melissa’s assistance, found-
George GROOM was the son of Thomas and Ann (married 1802; 64 and 65 years old in the 1851 census);
His wife, Elizabeth FURR, was the daughter of James FURR to Sarah WOROLD (BURRALL?) (married St.Helen’s on 26 February 1803);
Thomas GROOM (christened St. Helen’s on 4 July 1779) was the son of James GROOM and Mary COX (married St.Helen’s on 18 February 1778);
While, Ann SHARP (christened St. Helen’s on 22 April 1781) was the daughter of John SHARP and Susanah PATERNOSTER (married St.Helen’s on 26 June 1779).
I have also established that James (35) and Charles (29 in the 1851 census) were the younger brothers of my George (Upshire, Essex, 1851).

I can also add to my Wheathampstead families-
12 October 1802 marriage of Thomas GROOM to Ann SHARP;
In all a connection of more than 60 years back to the 1770s.

Needless to say, I will be continuing to track my Wheathampstead connections.
Regards, Peter Horler  email -
One Mile, Queensland, Australia
added Feb 2004

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"Hall's Bakery" - does this sound familiar to you?  I was at a family gathering in Boston, MA and it was mentioned that my grandfathers brother owned this bakery.  Any info would be appreciated.  I know my grandfather, Harry Hall was a boxer in the UK.  

Thanks! Patti Hall  email - 

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I am researching my family history and find that my gg grandfather James Halsey was born in W/h in 1830 and later married Matilda Elizabeth Moulder of Ayot/SL. Do you know of any records that I could look up to fing out more? 

Thanks. david halsey  email -

1881 Census (part of census showing some born in Wheathampstead)

16 Guildford St, Luton, Bedford, England
                              Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William HALSEY M 51 M Wheathampstead, Hertford, England Rel: Head Occ: Bricklayer
Elizabeth HALSEY M 52 F Newport Pagnell, Bedford, England Rel: Wife Occ: Finisher (Straw Hat)
Sarah HALSEY U 17 F Luton, Bedford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Machinist (Straw Hat)
Edward HALSEY 16 M Luton, Bedford, England Rel: Son Occ: Confectioners Slab Boy

George Street No 51,  Luton, Bedford, England
                         Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Sarah HALSEY U 48 F Wheathampstead, Hertford, England Rel: House Keeper (Head) Occ: Housekeeper
Frederick HALSEY U 12 M St Albans, Hertford, England Rel: Scholar Occ: Scholar

85 Church Street, Luton, Bedford, England
                               Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Charles HALSEY M 38 M Wheathampstead, Hertford, England Rel: Head Occ: Stone Mason
Emma HALSEY M 39 F Luton, Bedford, England Rel: Wife Occ: Bonnett Sewer
Sarah Jane HALSEY U 16 F Luton, Bedford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Finisher
Florence Emily HALSEY 14 F St Albans, Hertford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Straw Plait Machinist
William George HALSEY 8 M St Albans, Hertford, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Joseph Henry HALSEY 6 M St Albans, Hertford, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
George Thomas HALSEY 4 M Luton, Bedford, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Walter Henry HALSEY 6 m M Luton, Bedford, England Rel: Son 
Emily HALSEY M 28 F Wolverhampton, Stafford, England Rel: Sister In Law
George TEARLE U 27 M Dunstable, Bedford, England

1851 Census at Wheathampstead (and some notes)

James HALSEY, 20, Lodger, Ag Lab, b Whstd (1831)
living with Edward & Hannah ROW both 61, Ag Lab, & 2 sons all b Whstd.

Joseph HALSEY50, Wid, Cordwainer b Sandridge (1801)
Joseph HALSEY31 Un, Son, Lab, all b Whstd (1820)
Sarah 28 un, Hatmaker (1823)
Wm 22 un Lab (1829)
John 18 un Lab (1833)
Susan 16 un Hatmaker (1835)
Mercy 13 un Hatmaker (1838)
Charles Barnes HALSEY 8 g-son (1843)
George B HALSEY 5 g-son (1846)
Eliza B HALSEY 1 g-dau (1850)
The above family is Joseph HALSEY m Elizabeth SMITH Dec 3, 1819 Whstd.
The Grandchildren are the children of Charles Halsey & Sarah.
And quite likely James HALSEY above would fit into this family.


Richard Halsey..

My questions relate to my family history.  Richard Halsey (wife Mary)  first appears in 1731 in Canterbury where he is a servant to Dr Edward Wake, a Canon of the Cathedral.   Dr Wake had previously been Rector of Wheathampstead. I  have searched Kent and Sussex for Richard without feeling comfortable about any of those who I have found,   I have now found the marriage of a Richard Halsey to a Mary Plumley in North Mimms in 1729  - both bride and groom were said to be "of Wheathamstead".  The North Mimms incumbent (a Vicar) was one "Atkins" or "Alkins"..

First - As Rector of Wheathampstead was the Rev'd Wake active in the locality in 1729?   I do not know when he was appointed to his position as Prebendary at Canterbury.  I am aware that Rectors were often (if not usually) absent from their livings, employing curates to perform their parish tasks.

Second - If so, is there any evidence as to the Rectory in which he lived.?  Could it have been Wheathampstead ?  I have the Wheathampstead PRs and parish chest films on order from the LDS in the hopes that they may provide clues..

Third - Could Richard Halsey have been his servant in 1729 and moved with Dr Wake to Canterbury?  A new rector was not appointed until 1732 which is the year of  Dr Wake's death - at Canterbury, where he is buried in the cathedral.

As a footnote to this, upon the death of Dr Wake, Richard was very quickly found another job by the Cathedral Chapter  as Greenkeeper for the Precincts. I wonder if this action was so promptly taken because he had been a loyal servant to Dr Wake, i.e. had served him previously at Wheathampstead?

Answers to or thoughts on any of the above would be most welcome
Jim Halsey  email                                                   Added 11 Sept 2008

Web master's note: Edward Wake was rector at Wheathampstead from 1708 according to plaque in St Helen's church.

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My father was Bryan Harding, he was born 24.12.1921 at The Crescent, New Marford, Wheathampstead and died at Ross on Wye, Herefordshire 17.8.2004 aged 82.  He married Jean in 1948 and they had three children, Pauline, Raymond and Louis.

Picture on right - George Fenwick Elias Harding (standing) Herts Yeomanry 1914-18.  Seated man Charles Collins. (see a conversation of these two men)

George Fenwick Elias Harding’s parents - Elias Harding b. 5.9.1850 St Marylebone, Middlesex & Mary Ann White b. 1852 Clophill
Elias Harding’s parents - Henry Harding b. 10.10.1810 possibly South Petherton, Somerset & Harriet Scadding b 28.10.1804 (or 1806) possibly at Loders, Dorset Or Harriet Scetting b abt 1810 South Petherton, Somerest Married 23.3.1830

All this information has been gathered from Family members, Family Bible, Wheathampstead Village web page (early names Carter) submitted by Arthur Holdford.  Census returns, LDS website, www.Rootsweb.com

I will be pleased to hear from anyone who has more information especially relating to the Harding / Scadding / Scetting families.
Pauline Masters, nee Harding. Email -                             contributed Jan 2006

See also Swain section.

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Read your article with great interest, on pubs in and around Wheathampstead.

Dolly & Dave Harvey who ran the Prince of Wales were my Uncle & Aunt. Before them My Grandfather and Grandmother ran the pub.  I believe they took the pub on in 1933 moving from Gustard Wood.  My Grandmother died in 1938, but my Grandfather carried on running it until he died in 1952 which is when Dolly & Dave Harvey took over.  My Grandparents names are William & Emma Harvey. Emma was formerly a Catlin (Very much a local name).  William was originally from Stockton on Tees but arrived in Herts with the Royal flying corps during WW1, meet Emma and decided to stay south when he came back from war.  (Photo of pub on right taken of c1950)

My father was born in Gustard Wood in 1929 Robert Harvey so he was brought up in the Prince of Wales.  He has great memories of the pub.  I am trying to do my family trees at the moment both Harvey and Catlin so am glad to share my info with you.

Philip Harvey. Ware Hertfordshire. email -          (added 13 May 2005)

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Thank you for your message regarding Wheathampstead. I think my ancestors' stay there was probably quite short. The name is Henry Teush HECKER and he was a clergyman who moved around a bit. I know he was at Wheathampstead for the birth of three of his children Henry Charles Teush Hecker in 1844, Frances Lily Teush Hecker in 1847, and Margaret Eliza Teush Hecker in 1849. 

From 1868 until his retirement he was near Lutterworth, Leics. I would be interested in any church records with mention of clergymen in the 1840s. I would also be interested to hear if anybody has transcribed the parish registers for that period. 

More details about the Hecker family

email Patricia Hamilton  -
Aalesund, Norway

1851 Census - 
Hecker at High St.
Henry Tousle Hecker, Mar, 44, M.A. Curate of Whstd, b Hornsey, Herts
Emma C.T. Hecker, Dau, 8, Scholar b Sevenoaks, Kent
Charles H.T., son 6 scholar b Whstd
Frances L.T., dau 3 b Whstd
Margaret E, dau 1 b Whstd
With 3 servants

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I am researching my relatives that I believe lived in Wheathampstead. The family name is HERBERT and the name Sibley also comes up. Thomas Herbert married Anne Sibley 13th November 1821 in Wheathampstead.. any information would be grateful. 

Regards Dave English  e-mail -   

Also look here

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With the help of 'Google', my husband, who is researching our family history, has recently happened on your website about Wheathampstead pubs.  I was very interested to see this, because James Hillen, of whom you show a picture as a former landlord of the 'Rose & Crown', was my great-grandfather. His wife was indeed called Lucy.  He died in about 1932, shortly before I was born, but my mother spoke of him as a very cultured man.

My mother, nee Doreen Hillen, lived at the Rose & Crown during her teens. I had always understood that her parents, Stanley and Sophia Hillen, were the licensees - indeed, I did not know until now that James and Lucy had lived there at all, still less that the license had been in James' name.  This does however make sense, bearing in mind that at that time Stanley would have been in the trenches. James would by then have been in his late 60s, so it may be that he started to take a back seat after Stanley returned from the war.  Stanley and Sophia Hillen also had a son Hubert.

I think my grandparents left there (for Croydon) around 1922-3.  I was taken to see the pub (from the outside) about 1947.  My recollection is that it was then still a pub, although rather a tired-looking one!  I don't really recognise it from the picture. Is that a gravestone in front of the front door?!

Please let me know if there is any further information you think I might be able to provide.
Yours sincerely,  Sheelagh Trebilcock  email   

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A very interesting site.  I enjoyed browsing.  My grandmother taught at the local school and after their marriage my grandparents, Mabel and Ernest Horne ran a grocery shop until about 1920. My mother Mary and her uncle Donovan were both born in Wheathampstead so I grew up with tales of life before the great war.

My grandmother was in the village Glee Club.

Best wishes  Anne Fraser <frase66@hotmail.com>
Bristol,                                                                                                   submitted 11 June 2005

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I was absolutely stunned when I stumbled across your website! I was on a genealogy list and someone was very kindly going to take a photo of The Bull and send it to me in Australia because my husband's great great great Grandparents owned it back in the 1830's onwards and I found what I wanted here!! Their names were William and Joannah HOOPER. I hope that you don't mind but I printed a copy of the picture of the pub?  

You wouldn't happen to have any more info on the pub would you?? Or its previous owners??   (Editors note - Can anyone help?)

I really must thank you for a marvelous site. It has helped me tremendously to get an idea of what Wheathampstead was/is like.

Update - 24 October 2000

Here is a brief summary of what I know about my HOOPER family!

William HOOPER and Joannah (no dates yet) owned the Bull, Wheathampstead between at least 1839 and 1852. By 1855 Mrs J HOOPER owned it in her own right. By 1881, according to the census it was owned, or at least run, by one Eliza HOOPER. As yet I have no idea how Eliza fits in to my tree, if at all.

They had children Jane (c.1813, m.1853, d.1860), Emma (c.1817), William Robert (c.1819), Lavinia (c.1820), Ann Elizabeth (c.1822) and Harriet Emily (c.1825). They were all christened in Wheathampstead as far as I know except Jane who was christened at Hatfield. I have descendents of Jane and her husband John George Fordham BLOW as they are my husband's direct line. As yet I have nothing further on the other children of William and Joannah.

Jenny (Wyong, NSW, Australia). email - 

1851 Census - 
Hooper at The Bull Inn:
Joanna Hooper, Head, Wid, 67, Innkeeper b Truro, Cornwall
Eliza, dau, un 38, Governess, b Penzance, Cornwall
Frances, dau, un 33 Governess b Ingestre, Staffs
Jane, dau, un 31 Dressmaker b Hatfield
Ann E, dau, un 25 Governess b Whstd
With 1 Lodger & 2 servants.

Also look here

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Any information about The coffee shop in the High Street run by Eliza Howard (I have a picture) but would like any other info, also The Boot Photo or info around 1870-1885.

Trying to find any photo's of ancestors as I have none at the moment'
Eliza Howard born 1836 Marford run coffee shop 
William Howard 1830 Hackney
Isabel 1868/69 Wheathampstead
Louisa 1877 Wheathampstead also run coffee shop High street
Charles.w 1875 Don't know what happened to him

Harry 1862 apparently he was a gardener in Wheathampstead I know he was an apprentice with a John Watson Hatfield Road. Was this a nursery or big house any photo's would be appreciated.

Mrs. Howard who owned the Raisins in 1948, I would like some more info about her please i.e. first name .

William Henry Howard was a tailor between 1860-1885 in Wheathampstead would like any relevant information photos etc.

I have now discovered my Great Aunt Louisa Howard married Henry George Westwood the blacksmith could you add this on too please.  Louisa Maria Howard married Henry George Westwood would like a photo or information about Louisa if there is any.  I have her on Censuses but I would like to know a bit about her life if anyone knows also any children Henry and Louisa had.

Thank you, Linda  email - 

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See the Humphrey web page by Matthew J Butcher BA(Hons) MA   
email - 

1851 Census - 
Humphrey at Wheathampstead Hill:
James Humphrey, Mar, 54, Ag Lab b Whstd
Jane Humphrey, wife, 54, Straw plait, b Whstd
George, son, Un, 12, Farmers boy, b Whstd
Charles, son, 10, Farmers boy, b Whstd
Mary Lewin, sister-in-law, un, 56, straw plait, b Whstd

At Grove Farm
William Humphrey, Servant, Unm, 16, Horsekeeper b Flamstead
Servant to Thomas House & family, Farmer

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I am tracing the genealogy of my father's maternal line with much of the research centred on Wheathampstead. 

My grt grt grandfather Thomas Hulks was born in Wheathampstead (abt 1835). His parents were Joseph and Eliza Hulks.  Thomas married Sarah Chittenden in 1856 in Burmarsh Kent , but all of their 7 children were born in Wheathampstead.  George 1857, Harriet 1858, Henrietta 1863, Joseph 1866, Thomas 1869, Fanny 1871, Elizabeth 1874.

I have not searched the parish records yet, but have found various family members in the census 1871 - 1891 living at The Bull, Bull Yard and Bull Inn, Wheathampstead.

Would anyone have any connections or information on the HULKS family ?

Viv Buck  email -

Hulks family update 25/01/05 by Viv Buck

Joseph HULKS born about 1809 Welwyn HRT. Died 6/2/1886 Wheathampstead. 
Married Eliza HALSEY 24/12/1832 Hatfield HRT.Children from this marriage (traced so far)- all born Wheathampstead.
Jane 1835-1838
Thomas 1835
Eliza 1838
Sarah 1843
Susan 1845
Lydia Anne 1849 (married William SIMPSON 1871)
Isaac 1853 (married Jane MUNT 1876)
Jacob James 1856
1851 Census Bull Yard, Wheathampstead

Joseph Hulks, Head, Mar, 42, Ag Lab, b Whstd (1809)
Eliza Hulks, wife, 36 Straw Plait, b unknown, Essex (1815)
Thomas, son Unm 17, Ag Lab b Whstd (1834)
Joseph, son 9, Ag Lab b Whstd 9 (1842)
Sarah, dau 7, Scholar b Whstd
Susan, dau, 5 scholar b Whstd
Lydia, dau 2 b Whstd

1851 Bull Yard
Joseph Hulks 1  H  M  42  Ag Lab           Wheathampstead HRT          ***
Eliza                 W M  36  Straw plaiter   K N ESS
Thomas          2 S  un 17  Ag lab            Wheatampstead HRT             **
Joseph               S un  9       “                   “
Sarah                 D un  7  scholar              “
Susan                D un   5       “                   “
Lydia                  D un   2      “                   “
1861 Bull Inn Yard
Sarah Elizabeth Hulks   H  M  24  seamstress       Burmarsh KT
George Thomas            S   un  4         “
Harriet Elizabeth           D  un   2                     Wheathampstead

Joseph Hulks               H  M  52  Ag lab          Welwyn HRT
Eliza                           W M  47                      Ilford (great) ESS
Lydia                           D un 12                       Wheathampstead
Isaac                           S un   7                            “
Jacob                          S un   4                              “

1861 Lamar House ,Wheathampstead
Thomas Hulks            serv M  26  Groom         Ayot St Peters HRT

1871 The Bull sch. 73
Sarah Elizabeth Hulks       H  M  33  Laundress     Burmarsh KT
George T                          S un  14      Ag lab             “
Harriett                             D un  12                      Wheathampstead
Henrietta                           D un   8    scholar             “
Joseph J                        3 S un   6         “                  “                           *
Thomas J                          S un  2                              “
Fanny M                           D un  5 mths                     “

sch 77
Joseph Hulks             H M  62       Ag lab          Welwyn HRT
Eliza                         W M 58                            Ilford

1871 Lamer Park
Thomas Hulks         Serv   M 36 Daily coachman           Whe’stead

1881 Bull Yard sch 52
Thomas Hulks             H M 46      Gardener       Ayot St Peters
Sarah                         W M 44     Laundress     Burmarsh KT
Harriett                       D un 22     Ass “            Wheathampstead
Joseph                       S un 14     Scholar                 “
Fanny                        D un 10         “                        “
Elizabeth                    D un 7          “                       “

Sch 50
Joseph Hulks          H M 72         Labourer          Welwyn
Eliza                      W M 68        Needlewoman   Ess

Sch 53
Isaac Hulks             H M 27       Labourer      Wh’stead
Jane                      W M 25       Straw plaiter       “
Joseph                   S un 4                                   “

1891 Bull Inn
Thomas Hulks         H M 56        Gardener      Ayot St Peters
Sarah                    W M 54                            Burmarsh Kt
Annie                  GD un  7         Scholar Whe’stead

Isaac Hulks            H M 37       Horse carter      Wh’stead
Jane                     W M 35                                     “
Joseph                  S un 14        House boy             “
Frederick               S un  8        Scholar                  “
Minnie                   D un  4                                     “
Lizzie                    D un  2                                     “

1901 High Street sch 56
Thomas Hulks          H      66       Gardener       Wh’stead
Fanny                      D un 31                                 “

Sch 57
Isaac Hulks              H M 45       Carter on farm       Wh’stead
Jane                       W M 44                                      “
Joseph                    S un 23        nursery manager     “
Frederick                S un 18         gardener                 “
Minnie                    D un 13                                       “
Cecil                      S un   8                                       “

*** Joseph Hulks 1809-1886 = 3x grt grandfather
**     Thomas Hulks 1835- ? = 2x grt grandfather
*     Joseph Hulks 1866-1910 = grt grandfather
from Viv Buck Jan 2008

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I am trying to trace any information regarding the Hunt family that used to live at the Folly Fields. My Grandad's name was George, he was married to Mary and they had three children. Any information regarding my Grandad's brothers and sisters or parents would be a great help as I trying to do our family tree.
Julie Rolt      email - 

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This is a very good site PLEASE can any one help me I am looking for information on a Gladys Florence Hyde her maiden name was Welch and she came from Redbourn her address in Wheathampstead was 98 Hatfield Rd and this was 1938.  The information is required for a family tree.

Hi please can you help me I am looking for a wedding of a AARON FISHER to a MARY DAVIS in 1809 at Wheathampstead if there is any chance of a copy of this it would appreciated very much. 

Thank you M Mealey    email - 

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See also  Jack Hyde
I would like to update information gathered, regarding my grandfathers family below. He had a brother and sister
Henry born 1875 (South Blackwood Wales)
Henrietta born 1877( Wheathampstead).  Henrietta married an Ephraim Joseph King on 3 November 1900.  They had 4 children
     Hilda May born 1902
     Olive Mary born 1903
     Ephraim Joseph 1904
     Arthur Henry born 1907

My great grandmother Mary Ann Johnson, her father was William Grey or (Gray) and her mothers name was Mary Ann Nash.
Mary Ann was born at Kimpton Holt Wheathampstead about 1855
Any further information about my family would be appreciated 

Margaret Osborne (nee Johnson)                                                     added June 2011

I am looking into my Grandfather's family.  He was born Robert George French Johnson in 1879 to Mary Ann Johnson at The Folly Wheathampstead to which I think her mothers name was Louisa (1840?)

Mary Ann Johnson (My Great Grandmother) was a Straw Plaiter she was born I think 1861.  Would be pleased of any information.

Thank You
Margaret Osborne (nee Johnson)    email -                           added Jan 2010

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Joyner / Joiner

I have been checking back to the families in Wheathampstead website every now and then over the past few year and am impressed to see how the genealogy links have developed since last popped in.  I am inspired to write given that recent UK census research shows my family history is further entwined in Wheathampstead than I had previously believed.  The surnames of Joyner / Joiner, Gray, Pinder and Phillips are all part of my family history and these names also appear on the Wheathampstead website but are tantalisingly empty.

The earliest I have managed to delve back so far is to my Great Great Great Grandfather - John Joyner (sometimes spelt Joiner) born Hitchin (or Keston or Preston) 1815 prob died December 1898. It seems that he lived in Wheathampstead for much of his life.  He married Sarah (unknown) born Preston 1814 prob died June 1873, and they had at least 7 children:
    Jana b circa 1835 Preston, Herts
    Frederic b circa 1843 Preston, Herts
    Matilda b circa 1845/9 Preston, Herts
    Edward b circa 1848 Great Gaddesden 
    Sidney b September 1853 Wheathampstead - married Mary (unknown) b circa 1859 Wheathampstead
    Henry b circa 1851 Wheathampstead prob died December 1872
    Charles b circa 1857 Wheathampstead

Finding more details on these people has proved difficult but it seems that one of the daughters married a Pinder and produced some children as the 1881 census details John (now a widower) living on Wheathampstead Hill with his Daughter Matilda and three Grandchildren:
    John Pinder b circa 1868 Antrim 
    Charles Pinder b circa 1870 Antrim
    Elizabeth Pinder b circa 1872 Antrim

Sidney Joiner, my Great Great Grandfather, married Mary and they had two sons; Percy Edward b Jan 1887 and Harry Hugh Joiner b circa 1888, both boys were born in Wheathampstead. The family left Wheathampstead at some point and moved to Roehampton where Sidney ran his own Boot makers (clearly a skill he would have gained in Wheathampstead). Percy Edward Joiner immigrated to Canada (Winnipeg) in the early 1900's. I have quite a large collection of his correspondence during this time and he was staying with or emigrated with an Aunt and Uncle of the family.  Percy returned to Europe in 1914 and died fighting with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry on 2nd June 1916 (Battle of Mount Sorrel).  His brother Harry managed to survive the war and he married Ethel (Unknown) and they continued the Joiner line which eventually came my way. I am fairly confident that one of the wives in this history was a Gray from Wheathampstead since I have family memorabilia that relates to James Gray b 1836 Wheathampstead and Arthur Gray b 1865 Wheathampstead.  The Gray's lived next door to the Joyner's on Wheathampstead Hill in 1881.

My researches slowly move on but if these names jolt anyone I’d be grateful to hear from them. In  particular I'd like to learn:

  1. Who were the Parents of John Joyner b circa 1815 Hitchin
  2. The Maiden name of Sarah Joyner b circa 1814 Preston (wife of John Joyner
  3. The Maiden name of Mary Joiner b circa 1859 Wheathampstead (wife of Sidney Joiner)
  4. What happened to Jana, Frederic, Matilda, Edward, Henry and Charles Joyner
  5. Who were the Mother and Father of John, Charles and Elizabeth Pinder
  6. What happened to John, Charles and Elizabeth Pinder
  7. Who were the relatives that Percy Joiner stayed with in Winnipeg?

Thanks and Regards, Simon Joiner        email - 

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