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This page provides a location for information about early families of Wheathampstead.  It is for general interest and to enable those that have descended from the families to contribute into the source of information.

Updated 08 March 2016


CHARLES ANSELL was born about 1811 and died 14 July 1880 at Nomansland Wheathampstead.  His mother was ANN ANSELL and his sister was PHOEBE ANSELL.  Charles was a farm labourer.  He married first MARY WARNER 4 September 1842 at Hatfield.  She was born about 1814 in Hatfield and died 19 August 1852 in Wheathampstead.  No children of this marriage have been found.  Second he married NAOMI CATLEY 15 February 1857 in Wheathampstead.  She was born about 1821 and died 18 November 1913 in Gustard Wood Wheathampstead (see my entry under Catley).


  1. EMMA CATLEY born 28 November 1842 in the Union Workhouse St Michaels St Albans and christened at Wheathampstead 10 October 1852.  She married ABEL ADAMS 3 May 1863 at Wheathampstead. Abel was born 23 October 1834 at Wheathampstead.  They had a daughter ROSE ADAMS born about 1864.  Emma died at St Albans 16 July 1898.

  2. MARY CATLEY born 28 May 1852 at Wheathampstead.  She was recorded in the 1861 census as Mary Ansell. In 1871 she was living with her sister Emma in St Albans St Peter.  She married FREDERICK BANFIELD 1 January 1873 at Patricroft, Lancs.  Their children were Emily, Elizabeth, Arthur and Albert.  She died 29 April 1940 at Peel Green, Eccles, Lancs.

  3. JOHN CATLEY born 9 December 1855 at Wheathampstead died 5 March 1856 aged 3 months.

  4. CHARLES ANSELL born about 1858 was later a railway worker.  He married LOUISA GIDDINS.  She was born about 1856 at Hatfield Herts.  Their children, all born at St Albans, are:

    1. MARY ANSELL born 1881. She married JESSE ALBERT PUGH in 1905 and they had a daughter Maisie Pugh.

    2. FRED ANSELL born 1883. He married MABEL ANNIE HAWKINS 20 July 1908 at St Albans and they had a daughter, Constance Mabel Rita Ansell born 25 September 1913.

    3. EMMA ANSELL born 1886. She did not marry.

    4. EDITH ANSELL born 1888.

    5. ANNIE ANSELL born 1891.

    6. CHARLES ANSELL born 1893. He married EMILY E. KEEN in 1913. They had a daughter and three sons.

    7. ALFRED ANSELL born 8 August 1895. He was twice wounded during the Great War and in 1918 was awarded the Military Medal for gallant conduct. Later he was a platelayer on the railway. He married EMILY DICKINSON 24 June 1922 and they had two daughters Irene F. Ansell born 26 December 1922 and Gwendolyn Ansell born 7 October 1924. Alfred died 8 February 1982 at London Colney, Herts.

  5. WILLIAM ANSELL born about 1861 at Wheathampstead. He was a bricklayer. He married MARY ANN ODELL in 1881. She was born 1859 in Wheathampstead. William died 2 November 1932 and Mary 16 December 1933. Their children are:

    1. ELIZABETH ELLEN ANSELL christened 27 November 1881 at Wheathampstead. Known as Betty.  She married FRANK MUNT in 1913.  Their children were Ruth and Rita (twins) and Vincent.

    2. WILLIAM FREDERICK ANSELL was born 1884 at Wheathampstead. He was originally a bricklayer. Known as Bill.  He married BLANCHE MAY WALL (known as May) in 1909.  They immigrated to Canada.  Their children were Frederick and Rita (born in England), Mildred, Albert, Mae and Ethel. William died January 1944 at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

    3. EMILY ANSELL christened 31 October 1886 at Wheathampstead.  She was also known as Dot.  She married JAMES W. SAUNDERS in 1918.  They had no children.

    4. BERTHA NAOMI ANSELL born 8 August 1889 at Brewhouse Hill Wheathampstead.  She married EDWARD GEORGE GOODSHIP 22 April 1916 at Wheathampstead.  She died of pneumonia aged 32 on 7 January 1922 at Notting Hill, London. Bertha Naomi Ansell and Edward George Goodship are my maternal grandparents.

    5. VINCENT ALBERT ANSELL born 1892 at Wheathampstead was a bricklayer.  He followed William to Canada. In December 1914 he joined the 28th Canadian Infantry.  He was engaged in heavy fighting in the Ypres sector and on the Somme, and was wounded and taken prisoner. After repatriation and demobilisation he returned first to Wheathampstead then to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Later he returned to England, married ROSA COOPER in 1930 and had a daughter June born 1931.  He died 2 October 1932.

    6. HAROLD VICTOR ANSELL was born 1892 at Wheathampstead; he later lived in Hounslow, Middlesex.  He worked for the London Passenger Transport Board with whom he took out a patent on “Improvements in or relating to Chair Seats.”  He married ALICE M. ARCHER in 1918.  Their son VINCENT A. ANSELL was born 28 September 1920 and their daughter AUDREY was born 27 May 1928.

    7. MARION BEATRICE ANSELL b. 1894 at Wheathampstead.  She was christened Miriam and called Mirry or Peg.  She married EUSTACE C. SLOUGH.  Their children were Joan and Frank.

  6. JAMES JOSEPH ANSELL born about 1864 was later a farm labourer and gravedigger. He married MARGARET MARDELL. She was born about 1861 in Welwyn. Their children, all born at Wheathampstead, are:

    1. CHARLES ANSELL born 1885. His son Robert Ansell was born in 1925.

    2. ARTHUR THOMAS ANSELL born 1888. He married ROSA BURTON 29 December 1909 at Wheathampstead. There were four children: Gladys Lydia born 16 May 1910, Arthur Kenneth born 9 February 1912, Douglas born 3 July 1914, and Cecil Thomas born 26 May 1916. (Arthur) Thomas was killed in action 30 November 1917 at the Battle of Cambrai. He is commemorated on a memorial in St Helens Church, Wheathampstead.

    3. LIZZIE LYDIA ANSELL born 1891. She married WILLIAM G. FREEMAN in 1913.

    4. ANNIE NAOMI ANSELL born 1893. She married EDWARD DAYTON in 1915.

    5. MAGGIE ANSELL born 1895. She married CECIL HILLIARD in 1921.

    6. ALBERT JOHN ANSELL born about 1898. He died 6 December 1954.

Contributed by Anthony M. Carter  email -
with valuable assistance from Fred Ansell, Lesley Boot and Maggie Haynes.                          (3 Nov 2008)

Dear Brian,

I finally made it to Wheathampstead on Saturday but did not attempt to link up with you as I was accompanied by two members of the extended Ansell family. Charles and Naomi Ansell had three sons born 1858-1864 and our party included a representative from each of these lines. There are two sons of one of the brothers buried at St Helens. Albert we knew of and he had no kids. The other is William (1902-1977), buried with wife Annie (1901-1989).  We had only just discovered William's existence through the 1911 census. His wife's full name was probably Annie Rosina Hills with the marriage in 1922. I have tried searching for children but got rather a lot of hits so perhaps there was another Ansell-Hills couple in the area. There is, however, a Raymond Ansell among them, born 1934. You mentioned Ray's widow last year and it did not ring any bells. Now it does.

On my branch Marion Ansell married Eustace Slough. We found their gravestone and that of their son and daughter-in-law, Frank Ansell Slough and Nellie June, who was born Seaman. These graves look quite well groomed so perhaps their kids Elisabeth and Alan are still living nearby.

I was quite overwhelmed by all the new impressions. Maggie remembered the cottage at Gustard Wood (beside the golf course) where her grandma brought up 4 kids on a widow's pension. Her husband was the A.T. Ansell on the war memorial. This group of cottages is almost certainly where so many of my Catley, Ansell and Goodship families once lived.

However, despite excellent guides, I still do not know the location of the Fenwick Owen brickworks and no-one could explain what is meant in the census by New Marford and Old Marford. Thus there is still much for you to show me on my next visit.

All the best, Anthony                                                                           (4th March 2009)

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Does anybody have any information on the Arnold family which lived in Wheathampstead around 1901.  Any info greatly received.  Many Thanks   email -             added May 2006

I am looking for any info on the French family, Mayles family and Arnold family. All from the Folly. 
email-       added May 2008

The first record that I have traced for the Arnold family of Wheathampstead is:

 James Arnold 1767-1855. married in Harpenden (1801) to Sarah Carter from Hatfield, born in 1779. 9 children:
            1 Ann Arnold 1804-1884.
            2, Sarah Arnold 1806-?, 1822 married Andrew Odell
            3, Joseph Arnold 1808-1877, married Rebecca ? from Reading, lived in the London area - 3 children.
            4, Eliza Arnold 1810-1810.
            5, William Arnold 1812-?
            6, Albert Arnold 1815-1887
            7, Mary Arnold 1821-1892 married John Spriggs in 1850, had 2 children.
            8, Charles Arnold 1822-1894 married Harriet Dolling in 1849,
                        13 children. On their Marriage Cert Charles was a groom, his father a
                        Miller and his father in law as a Publican  at I believe The Goat PH, Sopwell Lane, St.Albans.
           9, Thomas Arnold 1818-1888 married in Sandridge to Elizabeth Hedges in 1852. 3 children -
                        George, (my great grandfather ) Joseph and Julia.   This last one married a Henry Humphreys
                        and produced a large number of children.

There are Arnold's in Codicote that have been there for centuries - a TV programme on Codicote that Michael Woods did a few years ago, had documentary evidence, back to the 1200's, however I have found no trace of anything to link my family.  

I can provide more names of children etc and more details from the various census returns.

Vic Arnold  email                                                                   March 2011

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Still a great site, love the info need more help my grandparents David and Dora Bacon lived at no.1 Coldharbour Lane, Batford where I was born. Nextdoor lived the Gunnell family.  Any info on my grandparents (David was a milk man, used horse and cart) pleased to hear from anyone.

Sylvia Castleman <tands@castleman25fsnet.co.uk>                                                       submitted 01 June 2005

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William and Mary Bailey

The first thing to note is that neither was from Hertfordshire. He was from Houghton and she came from Totternhoe; both are in Bedfordshire. They probably were married at Totternhoe 13 November 1820. The bride’s name is transcribed as Mary Fowlks. William son of John and Mary Bailey was baptized at Houghton Regis 4 August 1793. Mary daughter of John and Ann Fooks was baptized at Totternhoe 28 November 1802. William was a farm labourer and Mary a straw plaiter. The census returns suggest 9 children but a son died before the census and probably a daughter was married as the surname is unusual for Wheathampstead. The following dates are from the IGI transcription of Wheathampstead parish registers:

  1. Frances Bailey who married William Wilsher 30 May 1828.
  2. Anne Bailey born 22 March baptized 4 May 1823. She probably married James Rolph at Sandridge 14 July 1844.
  3. William Bailey born 10 March 6 May 1827; died 18 July 1831.
  4. Elizabeth Bailey born 10 December 1829 baptized 10 January 1830. She was a dressmaker in 1851.
  5. John Bailey born 20 December 1831 baptized 15 January 1832.
  6. Mary Bailey born 11 January baptized 23 March 1834.
  7. Amy Bailey born 5 January baptized 13 March 1836.
  8. George Bailey born 1 May baptized 3 June 1838. In 1851 George was a live-in servant at Cross Farm. The grandson living with William and Mary in 1861 may have been George’s son. He married Lizzie Farr 4 August 1885.
  9. James Bailey born 10 April baptized 17 May 1840
  10. Charles William Bailey baptized 7 August 1842. He was an agricultural labourer in 1851.
  11. Harriet Bailey born about 1846. She was a bonnet sewer in 1861.

Anthony M. Carter     email:                                  18 Aug 2010

I am presently tracing my family tree and have discovered a relative living at Ayres End, Wheathampstead.  His name was William Bailey and he was an agricultural labourer.  His wife was called Mary. This is all the information that I have, at present, but I am trying to find out more about him.

Ros Coombes nee Bailey     email                                                                      submitted 29 April 2010

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submitted May 2002

I am helping my uncle Alfred Barnes to find out more information about his great great grandfather James Barnes who lived at 1 Lamar Way Wh'sted in 1861 until 1871????.  He was a retired glazier who had lived in Peckham in 1842 and retired to Wh'sted with his wife Mary. She died in 1852 and is buried in St Helens churchyard.  

He is trying to establish when James and his widowed sister Maria Merril died and if they were both buried in St Helen's churchyard.  We have found the grave of James wife Mary who died in 1852.  Do you have any information or other photographs of this period that might relate to the above.  On the 1861 Census he was living in Lamar Lane with his sister, Maria M, a visitor, his 7 year old granddaughter and a servant girl.  Any help you can give would be very helpful since my uncle lives in Cornwall and is just up for a few days in Radlet. Tel 01923 859834 if you have any information about the above.  

update 1 June 2002

'Manuscript entitled 'The Narrative of a Tour, 1842' written by James Barnes (1794 -1871??), a London glazier living in Peckham, Surrey in 1842. he and his wife Mary (Buried St Helen's Churchyard 1852) travelled over 1000 miles using their own chaise and pony from July to October 1842. Covered 13 counties from London to Kent, along the coast to Dorset, through Somerset and back home via Bucks., Herts. through to Peckham'  -  The manuscript has been researched in some depth by Alfred Barnes, great, great grandson of James. Approaching publishers in about 3 months for possible publication. Alfred now lives in Cornwall

Many thanks. Kind regards Leslie McCann email -

Webmaster comment:  1881 Census for Wheathampstead shows Marian BARNES Unmarried aged 21  - Visitor.  Also buried 13 Feb 1926 aged about 70 in St H Churchyard.  Also buried in St H churchyard were James W T Barnes died16 Nov 1952 aged 75 and Eliza Jane Barbes died 1 Feb 1960 aged 85 'Reunited'.  However Leslie believes these are not related to their family of interest.

1851 Census
Barnes : Lamer Lane:, Whstd
James Barnes, 57, Retired Glazier b London City, London
Mary Barnes, wife 61 b Glenham, Suffolk
Hannah England, Serv. Unm, 18, House Servant, b Sandridge, Herts

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Beaumont / Black

I am researching Betty Black a New Zealander who flew with the Air Transport Auxiliary during WW2 and lived in Wheathampstead during the fifties and perhaps earlier and later as well.  Now deceased, she listed her address in a fifties ATA newsletter as Keepers Cottage, Water End.  She was married to the de Havilland test pilot  Christopher Dalton Beaumont at the time. 

I'd like to find out something about her life there and would be happy to mention the village as well.   There is very little info available here and I'm sure as pilots they would have been known in the village at the  time so near the war, and wonder if in fact they moved there for 'flying reasons'.  She returned to NZ later on.

Wendy Catran, email -

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I've spent a great deal of time tracing the genealogy of my husband's (and children's!) family, and much of it is centred on Wheathampstead.  The name Boon comes up in one of your stories, and I've verified that a John Boon (grandfather to Ernest, who was my husband's grandad) was in the 1881 census, and listed as having been born in WHS.  Prior to that, there are LOTS of Boons - back another 150 years. Why is it, then, that we are unable to find any trace of them in the local graveyard?  We tried St.Helen's, but after three hours, no luck.  Someone mentioned another place (in a woods?), but no luck finding it.  Anyone have any ideas?  All assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Boon email
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada - 01:37:51 Friday 27 September 2002

1851 Census
Boon: at Gustard Wood
John Boon, Mar, 27, Ag Lab, b Whstd
Ellen Boon wife 51, b Redbourn
James Mathews son-in law, Mar 22 Ag Lab, b Kimpton
Eliza Mathews Dau-in-law Mar 20 b Kimpton
Thomas Wheeler son-in-law Unm 17 Ag Lab b Whstd
Henry Wheeler son-in-law 15 Ag Lab b Whstd
John Wheeler son-in law 6 b Whstd

Another Boon at Gustard Wood
Henry Boon, Mar, 72 Ag Lab b Whstd
Elizabeth Boon wife, 63 b Southwold Beds
Henry Boon son, unm, 20 Agr Lab b Whstd
Maria Webb, lodger, unm 26, straw Plait, b Redbourn

1901 Census searched just by surname and Wheathampstead (showing age, where born, occupation)
Alfred Boon 21 Herts Wheathampstead, Gravel diggers
Arthur Boon 30 Herts Wheathampstead , Gravel diggeer
Fred Boon 1 Herts Wheathampstead
George Boon 27 Herts Wheathampstead , Ordinary agricultural labourer
James Boon 32 Herts Wheathampstead , Woodman
Lydian Boon 61 Herts Kimpton
Sarah Boon 39 Herts Wheathampstead

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My name is Ron Bowles and I was born in Bride Hall Cottage in 1933.  My parents were in the employ of Sir Gerald and Lady Lenanton and I have many fond memories of the time I spent growing up in Ayot and going to the village school.  When I became a young man Sir Gerald gave me the use of the room above the barn for me to make my radio controlled model aircraft which I still do.  My sister Margaret and I ended up living at Bride Hall, she was in service there and Lady Lenanton felt safer having a man in  the house due to passed burglaries.  My sister Margaret married Brian Seeby from Wheathampstead, my sister Mary married Bill Field from Wheathampstead and she worked at the Brocket Arms for many years.  My youngest sister Sylvia moved away but later cam back with her husband and settled in St. Albans.  I married in 1959 and with my wife Yvonne (South) from Hemel Hempstead and immigrated to Australia and we are both now retired and live on a property at Karangi about 12klms from Coffs Harbour.  As kids I was great friends with the Penny's from Ceasers Road and still keep in touch with Tony and his wife Barbara who now live in Devon

I remember the Welbike being used by the army during the war when they occupied Bride Hall.  The Welbike was specially developed for airborne forces by the Research Station at Welwyn in Hertfordshire. It was used during the war by the troops that were occupying Bride Hall.

I have many stories I could tell of those years which I will never forget. 

Ron Bowles. e-mail                                                                           December 2009

I stumbled across the picture on your web page associated with reminiscences about the Welbike. The picture is wrong for two reasons: firstly, the bike in the picture is a Corgi, built by Brockhouse in Southport for civilian service after the second world war and later sold in the USA as an Indian Papoose (after Brockhouse bought Indian); secondly, although a very small number of Corgis may have been sold to (and used by) the US air force as airfield runabouts after the war, it's wrong to present them as a military machine (which the Welbike certainly was).
Alan Rawlinson  email                                                    March 2011
Senior lecturer in online journalism
University of Central Lancashire

(image submitted is not shown as could not establish copyright approval -
examples can be seen on Google images)

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Subject: Records for Laurence H Bozier
I have, recently, been looking at Bozier’s data to expand the information on the Kimpton Roll of Honour (which I originally produced in 2001/2) and came across the Wheathampstead information.
I am informed that the Boziers lived in a cottage in Kimpton Church Lane and I assumed that Laurence would have been born there. Kimpton is within the Hitchin registration district and his birth was recorded in the April to June records Vol 3a page 1485 (dob 19.04 1921)

Photo evidence shows he was an Assistant Patrol Leader in the 1st Kimpton Scout Troop around 1935/6.  He became a Sgt in the RAF Reserve being W/Op/Air gunner in a Lancaster, taking part in a 133 plane raid on 21/22 June 1944 was shot down and all crew killed. Crew buried in Lanklaar Community Cemetery graves 1 – 7.

Pictures available on Kimpton web site – History – roll of   honour

Parents were
Herbert 1879 Kimpton – March 1952
Matilda 1879 Codicote - No death date so far
Dennis Clarke  - updated Oct 2012

Family tree of Bozier and associated names stands at approx 475 names at present.  I would be pleased of any enquiries or information concerned with Boziers in Wheathampstead.  I am also interested in info about Gustard Wood and The Folly

The extent of my research stretches from about 1800 to the year 2000.  I know of Boziers in Greenwich, Deptford, Berkshire, these I know are connected, and a recent addition from Australia.

Family in detail

Russell Bozier  email - 

1851 Census
Brozier at Gustard Wood spelled Bosher
James Bosher Mar 33 Gardener b Whstd
Emma Bosher wife 22, b Whstd
Julia Bosher Dau 6 m b Whstd

Another Bozier at Gustard Wood:
Ann Bozier , Head, Unm, 29, Straw Plaiter, b Whstd
Thomas Bozier, Brother, Unm 20, Ag Lab, b Whstd

1901 Census searched just by surname and Wheathampstead (showing age, where born, occupation)
A Bozier 29 b Wheathampstead Herts
Arthur Bozier 14 Wheathampstead Herts
Elizabeth Bozier 44 Wheathampstead Gustard Wood Herts
Eva Bozier 1 Wheathampstead Herts
Frank Bozier 8 Wheathampstead Herts
Fred Bozier 13 Wheathampstead Herts , Farm labourer
George Bozier 39 Wheathampstead Herts , Farm stock man
Harry Bozier 12 Wheathampstead Herts
Henry Bozier 12 Wheathampstead Herts
Henry Bozier 30 Wheathampstead Herts , farm labourer
Herbert Bozier 8 Wheathampstead Herts
John Bozier 46 Wheathampstead Gustard Wood Herts , Stockman on farm
Lily Bozier 10 Wheathampstead Herts
Lizzie Bozier 35 Wheathampstead Herts
Mabel Bozier 10 Wheathampstead Herts
Martha Bozier 7 Wheathampstead Herts
Mary Bozier 48 Wheathampstead Herts
Percy Bozier 3 Wheathampstead Herts
Percy Bozier 12 Wheathampstead Herts
Phyllis Bozier 5 Wheathampstead Herts , General labourer
Thomas Bozier 39 Wheathampstead Herts , Ordinary agricultural labourer

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GrayBraceyWedding1901.jpg (124027 bytes)Bracey / Gray

Hello!  My paternal grandfather was George Gray (grocer in Harpenden) who married Alice Maud Bracey, born in Wheathampstead in 1880) in July 1901, at St Nicholas in Harpenden. (to see photo of the wedding party click thumbnail picture on right - then click 'Back' on browser to return to this page .) Alice’s mother was Maria Bracey, a bonnet-maker in 1881), mother of 5 children but apparently never married. 

Thomas Bracey, Maria’s brother, lived on Wheathampstead Hill, as Maria did, a few houses away, in 1881, with his wife Charlotte, and in that census he is shown as Thomas Bracey (Gray). I don’t know the significance of that and would be glad to hear from anyone who does. The mystery of Alice's (and her siblings') father remains unsolved, but I haven't given up. If anyone reading this has any Bracey or Gray information, however trivial, I shall be MOST interested to hear from them.

In the photo above these are some of the names as my late father, Bert Gray of Harpenden, gave them (but his accuracy is not guaranteed):
Standing, left to right: Unknown; Bert Bracey; Unknown (possibly Maria Bracey); Unknown; George Gray’s sister May; H. Howe; the bridegroom George Norman Gray; Unknown; George’s brother, H.S. Gray; Unknown Bridesmaid (possibly Betty Byrd); Unknown; Unknown.
Seated, left to right: Unknown; George Gray’s mother, Mary Ann nee Best; George’s sister Floss; George’s sister Ethel; the bride Alice Maud Bracey; Unknown; Unknown.

Anne Treadwell  email - 
323 Abbotts Harbour Road
Middle West Pubnico
Nova Scotia   B0W 2M0
(902) 762-0274

All of these households were at Wheathampstead Hill, Wheathampstead for the 1881 Census
(Name, Marr, Age, Sex, Birthplace)

Danil BRACEY M 67 M Saundridge Rel: Head Occ: Labourer
George BRACEY 29 M Wheathamstead

Joshua BRACEY M 59 M Harpenden Rel: Head Occ: Shepherd
Sarah BRACEY M 58 F Wheathamstead Rel: Wife 
Phebe C. BRACEY 14 F Wheathamstead Rel: Daur Occ: Straw Plaiter
Lilly BRACEY 6 F Wheathamstead Rel: G Daur Occ: Straw Plaiter
Henry PHILLPOTT W 61 M Codicote Rel: Lodger Occ: Labourer

Maria BRACEY U 35 F Wheathamstead  Rel: Head Occ: Bonnet Maker (Mill)
Charles BRACEY 10 M Wheathamstead  Rel: Son Occ: Shepherd
Earnest BRACEY 6 M Wheathamstead  Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Burt BRACEY 2 M Wheathamstead  Rel: Son
Alice BRACEY 6 m F Wheathamstead  Rel: Daur

Thomas BRACEY ((GRAY)) M 30 M Wheathamstead  Rel: Head Occ: General Labourer
Charlotte BRACEY M 28 F Wheathamstead  Rel: Wife Occ: Laundress

Edward BRACEY ((GRAY)) M 28 M Wheathamstead  Rel: Head Occ: Agricultural Labourer
Ann BRACEY M 26 F Wheathamstead  Rel: Wife Occ: Wife
Emily BRACEY 7 F Wheathamstead  Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Lizey BRACEY 5 F Wheathamstead  Rel: Daur
Mary MITCHEL W 62 F Preston, Hertford Rel: Mother In Law Occ: Straw Plait Sewer

1851 Census
Bracey, Daniel at Whstd Hill
Bracey, Daniel, Mar, 36, Bricklayers Labr, b Sandridge
Mary A Bracey, wife, 36 b Whstd
John Bracey, son-in-law, 15 agr lab b Whstd
Francis, son 12 Ag Lab b Whstd
Edith, dau, 7, all b Whstd
Maria, dau 5
Anne dau 3
Thomas son 2
infant son 1 wk = probably George


See the  Brockett web page.

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Here are 3 photographs - One is of a crowd outside The Nelson pub on VE day, Harold Smith my uncle is just in front of the door to the right with a cap on his head. Mrs Ellis, Mrs Dear, and I think but not sure that Harold Goodship is also in the photo. Also Aida & Lou the managers at that time are sitting in the front.


This picture is of my Uncle Harold Smith sitting on the steps of 86 Marford Road with my cousin Raymond.


Also my Auntie Ellen Brothers when she was a nurse in the first world war. (My father was born in the Ship Pub in about 1895.)


Hope this will all help towards the website.
Regards Diane Taylor (nee Brothers). 

contributed April 2009

I stumbled across your very interesting site when looking for info on Wheathampstead pubs.

I have been doing a trawl through the available census forms on the net in search of the "Brothers" branch of my family. They link to several of the pubs in question. (I am fairly certain about the info, the names and dates certainly tie up).

The earliest reference is in the 1861 census, my Great, Great, Great Grandfather Abraham Brothers, aged 67, "Retailer of beer and shoemaker" (wife Elizabeth 60, and children Sarah 23, Abraham 2, and John 18) - all residing at the Royal Exchange.

In 1881, living at the Royal Exchange was Abraham Brothers (The younger) his wife Sarah, his sister also Sarah, and children Elizabeth, Ellen, and Henry.

As the first Abraham Brothers was quite old at the time of the 1861 census I guess that it is possible that the family were involved with the Royal Exchange for a long period in the 1800's.

In 1881, John Brothers, son of the 1st Abraham, with wife Rhoda is running "The Cherry Trees The Travellers Friend Beer House" John is described as a beerhouse keeper. I've gone thru the children below, but in addition there was Rhoda's father George Rowe, 60, labourer.

In 1891, John Brothers , son of the 1st Abraham, by now a widower, shows up in The Ship with sons including John, Abraham, Isaac, Mark, Mathew, Jacob, - (must have been working his way thru the Bible until his wife died). Daughter Elizabeth, and sister Sarah who had moved from the Royal Exchange. Although the family apparently ran the pub, John is listed as a gardener. I guess pubs then were not a full time job.

By the 1901 census, the references peter out, my "Brothers" line moved to a more military course, although my Great Grandfather Frederick Brothers, Bisley marksman, and son of the second Abraham returned to pub keeping after a long army career. He took on the Falcon at Royston, and apparently went bust within 12 months.

I don't know if this is of use/interest for your site. At least the Brothers family must have been well known around your area.

Best regards, Kevin Delaney--                                                               Contributed 9 May 2005
35 Rivers Reach Frome Somerset BA11 1AQ UK
Tel: +44(0)1373 465379

 updated 7 Dec 2006

The continuation from Kevin Delaney's write up of the Brothers family goes like this:-

The John Brothers that owned the Ship Pub who was a widower, then married again to a Rosie who had two children - another Harry John Brothers (called John) who was my father, and Ellen his sister my aunt. My father was born in the Ship Pub in 1894 and he married when he was 40yrs old, and I am his daughter now 72yrs of age. My name was Diane Brothers I now am Diane Taylor, and I was evacuated during the war at Wheathampstead with my aunt who was Helen Smith & Harold Smith her husband. We lived at 86 Marford RoadRosie is buried in Wheathampstead church yard.  My father left Wheathampstead when he was about 14 years of age and moved to London to become a telegraph boy, and his sister stayed in Wheathampstead all her life, and that is how I became evacuated there during the war.

I went to school at St Helen's when Mr Housden was headmaster.  One day in 1944 I was up all night with pains in my stomach and being sick, so my Aunt went to the village and called up Dr Smallwood, who came immediately to our house with my Aunt in his car.  He immediately diagnosed peritonitis.  It was a thick foggy morning, but between Dr Smallwood and my aunt they cradled a chair with there arms, and took me straight to the then Oster House Hospital where they performed the operation at once.

When my mother and father came up from London and spoke to the surgeon, he told them that I would have had only about 20 minutes to live, so between Dr Smallwood the surgeon and my aunt they saved my life.

Kind regards,  Diane Taylor.  email -  

added 16/5/2005

1851 Wheathampstead - Royal Exhange
Abraham Brothers, 57, Boot & Shoemaker & Beerseller, b Holwell, Beds (1794)
Eliza Brothers, 50 wife b Whstd (1801)
Sarah 18 dau (1833)
Diana 15 dau (1836)
Abraham 11 son (1840)
John 8 son (1843)

Note: Abraham Brothers married Elizabeth Peacock Aug 14, 1824 Wheathampstead
They also bapt Elizabeth Brothers 1824 & Ann Brothers 1828 d 1832

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My Father was born in BATFORD in 1922 at the Gibraltar Castle Public House.  I am researching the family history - his name is Arthur BRUTONArthur BRUTON senior was landlord to my knowledge between 1901 and until his death in 1934.  His parents were Frederick and Ann (nee ARNOLD) who lived at the thatched cottage at Batford Mill.  

Other BRUTONS lived at the Red Cow in Cold Harbour - William and Sarah with children, Margaret and Hephzibah.  If anyone is interested in the history of the Gibraltar Castle I may be able to help.  I do have a photograph of Batford Football Club in 1907-8 season.  Names of players F.Chennells, H. Woodfield, G. Warwick, F. Church, G. Williams, A. Archer, E. Archer, T.A. Archer, Jas. Gunnell, W. Gunnell, W. Shadbolt, G. Course (Captain) Mr. W. Bellamy (Hon.Sec) and Mr. A. Bruton (Treasurer) who was my grandfather.  I am not sure whether Batford would fall within the area of interest for Wheathampstead families but someone may find a connection and if so I would be pleased to hear from them.

J.A.Drury (nee Bruton)  emial -   

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Wheathampstead Brewery - Can anyone tell me if this building is still in existence? I was looking through a photograph album that belonged to my great aunt the other day and found a small snap with the words 'Wheathampstead Brewery 1903' underneath it. On looking very carefully I could make out the words over the door 'Harriet Elizabeth Burg (my great aunt) licensed common brewer and dealer in beer'.

I was aware that the family had been brewers in Lincolnshire in the 19th century but I was not aware of any Hertfordshire links.  Can anyone tell me anything about the history of this brewery or when my family's involvement with it began or ended?

As far as I know, no one in the family ever lived in Wheathampstead. At the turn of the century, when the picture was taken, my great aunt lived with her parents, my great grandparents, in London. The family was originally from Lincolnshire but moved to Jersey in the 1870s and then moved to London in the 1890s. I believe my great aunt must have inherited the business from her father or grandfather: my great great great grandfather Henry Bugg had a brewery and a number of pubs in and around Spalding.

I don't believe my great grandfather ever 'soiled his hands' with trade. He described himself as a gentleman and was a qualified doctor of medicine, although he never practiced as such, and it was he who changed the family name from Bugg to Burg. So the family's involvement with the brewery must have been a very hands off one. However I would very much like to know what happened to the business -was it sold and if so, when and to whom?

I had a look at the 1881 Census, which I have on CD, out of interest. I found a brewhouse on Brewhouse Hill but none of the names associated with it was familiar to me.  It would be nice if someone could fill in the blanks on this aspect of my family history

Lesley O'Connell  email - 

(Webmaster's note - the picture is clearly Barton House in Brewhouse Hill although nearest part is now houses)

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Burgess & others  

Found your site while trying to locate the place name Gustard Wood (as the Shambrook records for the Herts 1881 census had got a blank in the county section). I'm tracing a large number of family names including 4 on your list, which may or may not tie into Wheathampstead families. I have compiled fairly large general files of people with the same surnames as my family. Four are surnames on your list; Burgess; Foster; Rolf and Shambrook

I welcome contact with other people interested in researching these names. E-mail me at

1851 Census
Burgess, at The Swan Inn
Charles Burgess, Mar, 37, Innkeeper, b Tewin, Herts
Maria, wife, 33 b St. Margarets (Stanstead)
Alfred W. Hewson, son-in-law 7 scholar, b Whstd
Laura Hewson, dau in law 6 scholar b Whstd
Edward Hewson son-in-law 2 b Whstd
Frederick Burgess son 2m b Whstd
family living with 2 servants and 3 lodgers

1901 Census searched just by surname and Wheathampstead (showing age, where born, occupation)
Amos Burgess 26 b East Hyde Beds, Gardener
Emily Burgess 27 b Harpenden Herts

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contributed 9 Feb 2003

I am trying to trace a Gertrude Bygrave who was born in Wheathampstead in 1873. She moved to St. Albans with her Grandmother Eliza at and was there as shown in the 1881 Census. I have tried the Wheathampstead Baptism records and there is no trace of Gertrude. Any ideas?

With thanks in advance for any help you could give me.
Jackie Campion  Email me at  

webmaster notes (not necessarily related to above family)

Monuments in St Helen's - 
Edith Caroline BYGRAVE, died 22 Jan 1930 aged 41
William BYGRAVE died 1 Sep 1945 aged 63

1851 Census
Bygrave: at Gustard Wood
John Bygrave, Mar 72, Journeyman Smith, b Red Hill
Sarah Bygrave, wife 75, Plaiter, b Redbourn
Martha dau unm 26, Plaiter, b Ayot St. Lawrence

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WILLIAM CATLEY married SUSANNA CARTER at St. Katherine Creechurch, City of London on 17 April 1792. They had moved to Wheathampstead by 1802. William was a shoemaker; he was born about 1768 and buried at Wheathampstead 25 September 1823 aged 55. Susanna was the daughter of William and Rebecca Carter. She was born at Wheathampstead 22 August 1768 and buried there 8 March 1834.

Children of William and Susanna were:

1) JOSEPH CATLEY was christened 2 June 1793 at St Mary Whitechapel, London. He married ELIZABETH WAGSTAFF 8 December 1812 at St Peters, St Albans. Their daughter ELIZABETH was christened 29 January 1813 at St Marys, Watford. They have not been traced in Hertfordshire later than this.

2) WILLIAM CATLEY was born about 1798 probably in London. He married NAOMI BUNYAN 26 November 1820 at Codicote Herts. She was the daughter of THOMAS and ELIZABETH BUNYAN born 16 October 1798 and christened 9 June 1799 at Bethel-Independent Welwyn. William was a bricklayer by trade. A Removal Order for William Catley and family from Wheathampstead to St Katherine Creechurch, City of London, was issued 26 May 1834. It was suspended because he was unfit to travel and indeed he was buried at Wheathampstead 22 July 1834 aged 36 years. Three years later Naomi died and was buried at Wheathampstead 8 December 1836 aged 39 years. They left three teenage daughters:

  • NAOMI CATLEY was born 1821. She married CHARLES ANSELL on 15 February 1857. She had three children before her marriage and three thereafter (see my entry under Ansell). She died 18 November 1913 aged 92 at Wheathampstead. She is my great great grandmother.
  • LYDIA CATLEY was born about 1824. On 11 February 1840, when she was sixteen and at Hitchen Union Workouse, she was the subject of a Removal Order from Codicote to St Katherine Creechurch, London. She was at City of London Union Workhouse in 1851 and probably died there in 1854.
  • ELIZABETH CATLEY was born about 1826. She married WILLIAM LAMBLEY, a gas meter maker, 9 June 1865 at All Hallows Barking, London. After his death she lived at St Albans with her niece EMMA ADAMS (nee Catley). She died there in 1912.

3) ELIZABETH CATLEY was born 24 June 1802 at Wheathampstead and buried there 4 September 1826 aged 23 years.

4) SARAH CATLEY was born 2 June 1805 at Wheathampstead. She was a domestic servant in Kimpton and on 24 April 1851 married the village blacksmith EDWARD TOMLIN who had become a widower. They had no children of their own.

The Catley family was quite separate from the Catlin family and the surname existed in Wheathampstead only for the first 40 years of the nineteenth century. Their Ansell descendents live there still as well as in Canada, Australia, France and Denmark.

Contributed by Anthony M. Carter email -                                                              May 2008

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Catline & others

In the 18th and 19th centuries, my direct ancestors from Wheathampstead, specifically from Gustard Wood [or from Kimpton], were named Swallow, Henley, Hopkins, Catline, Read, Woods, Crawley, Hawkins. Colateral branches include Lovell, Studman, and Thompson.

I would be happy to correspond with anyone who has forbears from these same families or who has information about the social history of Gustard Wood.  When my studies are readied in a suitable form I would be happy to link them or make them available through your site.

Thank you.
Tony Hughes
(New York NY). email - 

1851 Census
Catlin at Gustard Wood:
George Catlin Head, Unm 37 Agr Lab b Whstd
living with 2 unm lodgers Susan Studman 47 and Ann Swallow 8

See also **Note under the Collins section

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A Carter family in Wheathampstead with births between 1680 and 1879
The main web site is
email -                                                                                                  updated Feb. 2010

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For information on the descendants of William Carter born 1738 basic tree click here - with more detail here supplied by Arthur Holdford. email -

See also surname Swain in the Early families.

1851 Census
Carter at Gustard Wood
William Carter, Widower, 74, Carpenter journeyman, b Whstd. (wid of Mary Olds)
Next Door:
William Carter (s/o Wm Carter & Mary Olds) Mar 42 Ag Lab b Whstd
Caroline Carter wife 35 Straw Plait b Kimpton
Amelia dau 9 straw plait b Whstd
Ann M dau 6 straw plait b Whstd
Moses son 1 b Whstd

Carter at Gustard Wood: (George is the s/o Wm Carter & Mary Olds)
George Carter, Mar 37, Ag Lab b Whstd
Mary Carter, wife 36 b Sandridge (nee Cobb)
Caroline, dau 12 straw plait, b Whstd
Sarah dau 9 straw plait b Whstd
Mercy dau 4 b Whstd
William son 1 b Whstd

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Betweem 1881 - 1895 George Carter was Landlord of The Park Hotel, No-mans Land (1881 with first wife Margaret , in 1891 with second wife Sarah.  He died 9/11/1895).  His son, also named George Carter, was listed at the Nelson Inn in 1901.  George and his son, George, were born in Hertford and Bromley respectively

Contributed by, Dan Foster GGG Grandson of George the elder. 
email                                                                                                                                         Contributed April 2012

Gt Grandfather William Carter had 4 sisters.  The following is from the 1861 census.
1861 Census: Gustardwood, Wheathampstead.
George Carter   49 head   ag lab  Wheatmst
Mary        "       46 wife    Sandridge
Caroline   "       20 dau plaiter   Wheat.
Sarah                19    "       "
Mercy               13    "       "
Henry                 9  son     "
William               7    "       "
Charles               2    "
Emma                  1 dau
                                                                                                                                                                              Contributed by Linda Shields Feb 2014 

21 The Hill, Wheathampstead

Built by Mr. Jesse Chennells

The picture includes Mr & Mrs Wilkie from New Zealand on a visit (Yvonne Wilkie being a Chennells decendant).

photo taken 25/7/2013

The initials J C are part of the railings
above the front door

I was reading through some of the transcripts of old articles and noticed the one about four sisters visiting, one of which claimed to be 106. This was in The Hert Advertise & St Albans Times 1876 Oct 7th p.8. The 106 year old would have been Sarah (Allen) Ward. Her sister Charlotte (Allen) Paul would have been about 84 (died the year following this article, 1877)  was married to William Paul of Sandridge, and they were the parents of Charlotte Allen Paul who married Jesse Chennells. In the 1871 census, Sarah Ward is listed as living with her sister Keturah Lines, aged 84, in Wheathampstead. So those are three of the four sisters. If anyone should know anything about them and/or who the fourth was, I am obviously interested. Attached is a picture of Sarah, age 104 1/2 or 103 (a little confusing). On the back of the picture is written " Mrs. Sarah Ward, Aunt of Charlotte Allen Paul (Chennells), sister of Charlott Allen (Paul), at 104 1/2 when this photo was made she could walk ten miles, keep house, read and do fine straw plaiting without glasses" 

The fourth sister would probably have been Dinah Allen Barker, b. 1797 d. 1879, married to James Barker. In addition, there were four other Allen sisters ; Ann1781-1858 m. Edward Rainsden, Elizabeth b. 1783, Rebecca 1789-1867 m. James Dunham, and Maria 1791- m.Francis Dunham.

contributed by                        Sept 2010


Charlotte Beatrice Chennells is 7th adult from the right in the back row peering over shoulder of man.  Jesse Chennells and his second wife Charlotte Allen (nee Paul) had 11 children.  There were also 7 children to his first wife Phillis (nee Gray) - total of 18 children as far as I know. Charlotte would have been about 17 years old here. Photo taken prior to her marriage in 1900 and shows 20 family members.

I feel the younger children are probably grandchildren. I wonder if anyone can identify any others?

Yvonne Wilkie    email                                                                                 added  Aug 2010

Gentleman with hand on railing is Jesse Chennells with his second wife, Charlotte, just behind him.  He was a lay preacher at the United Reform Church.  Also shown is his son Frederick Horace Chennells and next to him Lionel Bruce (died 1908).  Lionel and his wife Jesse were buried in front of the United Reform church in Wheathampstead.                                              added Sept 2010

Jesse Chennells & family - Gibraltar Lodge Wheathampstead c. 1895/8

The Gibraltar Lodge was demolished to make way for the road called Gibraltar Lodge (Batford)

This may be a bit of a shot in the dark, but, looking into the CHENNELLS families of Great Gaddesden/ Berkhampstead, I have been wondering whether the Wheathampstead CHENNELLS' come from the same stock and whether all of them had not, at some time earlier, perhaps at the beginning of the 18th c., moved from the Whaddon area in Buckinghamshire.  Perhaps you know of a person in the area who may be especially interested in research into the CHENNELLS family and its origins. If so, I should be most grateful for a contact address.  My interest is that my CHENNELLS brother-in-law and nephews come from this Great Gaddesden line and I am aiding them in research.

With thanks, Stephen email - 

Descendants of William Chennells  contributed by   September 2003

(if you have difficulty reading this text, from your browser menu, use View/ Text size/ and choose a larger size font - you can change it back afterwards)

(Section on Charlotte Beatrice Chennells updated in Sept 2010 with information from Yvonne Wilkie, New Zealand )

1 William Chennells b: 1734 d: January 31, 1808 +Hester (Ester) Lines b: 1736 d: 1821 in Wheathampstead
  2 Mary Chennells b: December 22, 1761 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England +William Bolton
  2 Sarah Chennells b: 1763 +William Dunnham
  2 Ann Chennells b: February 12, 1765 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England
  2 Francis Chennells b: September 28, 1766 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England
  2 William Chennells b: March 13, 1768 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England d: 1829 +Amelia b: 1801 in Tewin, Hertfordshire, England d: Aft. 1831 in Wheathampstead
    3 Jesse Chennells b: April 28, 1821 d: June 21, 1902 +Phyllis Gray b: Unknown d: Bef. 1862
      4 Jesse Thomas Chennells b: April 1850 d: Abt. 1900
      4 William George Chennells b: November 05, 1851 d: April 11, 1897
        5 Nellie Chennells b: Abt. 1880
        5 Tricie Chennells b: Abt. 1882
      4 Phyllis Chennells b: March 1853
      4 Ellen Chennells b: August 1854
      4 Jesse Ernest Chennells b: February 04, 1856 d: Unknown +Grace Jane Brewster b: Abt. 1867 in Kent Dover d: Unknown
       5 Jesse William Chennells b: 1892 in BMD Woolwich 1d 1222 qt end 1892 d: 1893 in BMD Woolwich 1d 894 qt end Dec 1893
       5 Phyllis Chennells b: 1890 in 1901 census age 11 born London, Woolwich
      4 Edwin Chennells b: May 25, 1858 in Whetstone d: Unknown in Anerley near Croydon, Surrey +Alice Harriet Coxhead b: May 09, 1861 in St. Marylebone,London, England d: Unknown
        5 Ada Chennells
        5 Blansker Chennells b: 1885
        5 Reginald Horace Chennells b:February 28, 1886 in London, Hackney d: April 06, 1953 +Edith Barbara Emma Stone b: May 25, 1893 d: April 19, 1964 *2nd Wife of Reginald Horace Chennells: +Emily Marion Wilkinson
        5 Irene Chennells b: 1888
        5 Madeline Chennells b: 1890
        5 Dorothy Chennells b: 1892
        5 Leslie Chennells b: 1893 in Surrey, Balham
        5 Ellaline Chennells b: 1895
        5 Hubert Walter Chennells b: 1897
      4 Albert Henry Chennells b: January 26, 1860 *2nd Wife of Jesse Chennells:+Charlotte Allen Paul b: September 06, 1835 d: March 29, 1919
      4 Louise Blanche Chennells b: January 07, 1863 in Wood Green, England d: Aft. 1934 in Newark, NJ +Charles Millard b: July 03, 1860 in Shoreditch, St. Leonard's, London, England d: December 10, 1899 in Allegheny City, PA
        5 Jesse Charles Reginald Millard b: August 13, 1893 in Newark, NJ d: March 10, 1955 in Staten Island, NY +Gladys Cornish Barr b: June 10, 1893 in Bloomfield, NJ d: Unknown
        5 Philip Sidney Millard b: April 30, 1896 in Clifton Ave, Newark, NJ d: 1967 in Orlando, Orange, FL +Jennette Rhoda Kent b: 1909 in Newark, NJ d: 1981 in Orlando, Orange, FL *2nd Husband of Louise Blanche Chennells: +George Whitehead
      4 Arthur George Chennells b: March 04, 1864 in Wood Green, England
      4 Kate Alice Chennells b: January 17, 1866 in Wood Green,England +Friedrich Whilhem Reiche b: Abt. 1866 d: Bef. 1934
      4 Frederick Horace Chennells b: November 02, 1867 in Wood Green, England d: Unknown +Jessie Battson b: Abt. 1867 d: Unknown
        5 Edward Chennells b: Abt. 1912
        5 Mary Chennells b: Abt. 1913
        5 Jesse Chennells b: Abt. 1914
        5 Walter Chennells b: Abt. 1916 d: Unknown +Ruby Pallett b: Abt. 1916 d: Unknown
        5 Gladys Chennells b: Abt. 1917
        5 Marjorie Chennells b: Abt. 1918
      4 Thomas Austin Chennells b: July 17, 1869 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England d: Unknown +Clara Edith Long OR Annie Feenie
        5 Jesse Norman E Chennells b: 1895 in BMD 1d 840 Camberwell qt end June 1895
        5 Alfred A B Chennells b: 1897 in Camberwell 1d 843 qt end Mar 1897
        5 Edwin John Chennells b: 1900 in BMD Camberwell 1d 958 qt end Jun 1900 d: 1900 in BMD 1d 573 qt end Sep 1900
        5 Albert Victor Chennells b: 1901 in BMD Camberwell 1d 996 qt end Mar 1901
        5 William Leonard Chennells b: 1902 in BMD 1d 979 qt end Sep 1902
      4 Leila Maud Chennells b: May 03, 1871 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England d: November 03, 1878 in date given by Louise Blanche Chennells
      4 Minnie Azeila Chennells b: December 18, 1872 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England d: Aft. 1946 +Frank St. Clair Brown d: Bef. 1934
      4 Edgar Allen Chennells b: October 12, 1874 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England
      4 Walter Harry Chennells b: July 19, 1876 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England +Florence Mary Jackson b: May 11, 1879 in Netheredge Rd, Sheffield, England d: January 09, 1942
        5 Vera Chennells b: December 29, 1903 in Sheffield, England d: 1986 +Val Pierce b: Abt. 1900 d: Unknown
        5 Sidney Austin Chennells b: January 05, 1905 in immigration shed, Saskatoon, Canada d: Unknown +Margaret Keele b: Abt. 1905 d: Unknown
        5 Irene Chennells b: 1908 d: 1965 +Jack Keene b: Abt. 1908 d: Unknown
        5 Allan Chennells b: 1915 d: 1987 +Beth b: Abt. 1915 d: Unknown
      4 Charlotte Beatrice Chennells b:June 26, 1878 in Wheathamstead, Hertfordshire, England d: March 02, 1951 Auckland NZ + August 15, 1900 in St Helens Church Wheathamstead  Charles Roger Hammond Davy b:January 14, 1872 d: June 13, 1943 Auckland NZ
        5 Charles Roger Hammond Davy b: September 30, 1901 in Stoke Newington England d: April 15, 1934 Auckland NZ + June 02, 1926 Flora Stringer b: February 01, 1904 d: July 09, 1993
        5 Jesse Edward Davy b: February 24, 1903 in Harpenden England d: March 30, 1958 Auckland NZ + October 14, 1933 Clara May Elmbranch b: Abt 1895 d: June 02, 1992
        5 John Baxter Davy b: August 01, 1904 in New Southgate England d: March 19, 1983 Auckland NZ + Georgiana Alleyne Litchfield b: April 04, 1900 d: August 18, 1976
        5 Felix Caughey Davy b: January 15, 1906 in New Southgate England d: April 28, 1980 Auckland NZ + March 23, 1937 Myrtle May Giles b: September 28, 1913 d: August 04, 1987
        5 Charlotte Elizabeth Davy b: May 17, 1908 in Hither Green Lewisham Kent England d: July 31, 1990 Auckland NZ + March 18, 1933 Gordon Wellesley Attwood b: January 30, 1897 d: May 29, 1985
        5 Joseph Allen Davy b: February 02, 1910 in Lewisham England d; April 24 1992 Auckland NZ + August 08, 1942 Louisa Bell b:March 18, 1910 d: July 06 2005
        5 Marie Helen Davy b: September 20, 1916 in Auckland NZ d: March 13, 2000 Tauranga NZ + September 07, 1946 Frank Ernest Parker b: Abt 1915 d: October 20, 1974
        5 Benjamin Davy b: October 16, 1920 in Auckland NZ d: July 08 2003 Auckland NZ + July 27, 1946 Ruita Martin b: July 13, 1920 d: November 26, 2009
      4 Charlotte Beatrice Chennells b: June 26, 1878 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England +Charles Roger Hammond Davy b: January 14, 1872
        5 Charles Roger Hammond Davy b: September 30, 1901 d: Unknown +Flora Stringer b: Abt. 1900 d: Unknown
        5 Jesse Edward Davy b: February 24, 1903 d: Unknown +May Elmbranch b: Abt. 1903 d: Unknown
        5 John Baxter Davy b: August 01, 1904 d: Unknown +Georgina ? b: Abt. 1904 d: Unknown
        5 Felix Caughey Davy b: January 15, 1906 d: Unknown +Myrtle Giles b: Abt. 1906 d: Unknown
        5 Charlotte Elizabeth Davy b: May 17, 1908
        5 Joseph Allen Davy b: February 02, 1910 d: Unknown +Louise Bell b: Abt. 1910 d: Unknown
        5 Marie Helen Davey b: Abt. 1912 d: Unknown +Frank Parker b: Abt. 1912 d: Unknown
        5 Benjamin Davey b: Abt. 1913 d: Unknown +Ruita Martin b: Abt. 1913 d: Unknown
      4 Lionel Bruce Chennells b: May 20, 1881 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England d: October 01, 1900
    3 George Chennells b: August 19, 1822 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England d: 1883 in BMD St. Albans 3a 262 qt end Sep 1883
    3 Amelia Chennells b: February 04, 1824 d: 1830
    3 Adam Thomas Chennells b: January 29, 1826 in Wheathampstead, Hertford, England d: Unknown in New York +Sarah Garret b: February 12, 1829 in Richmond, Va d: Unknown
      4 Amelia Chennells b: 1851 in Virginia d:1921 +Thomas A Burleigh b: Bet. 1845 - 1855 d: Unknown
      4 Thomas D. Chennells b: 1854 in Virginia d: 1862
      4 Arabella Chennells b: 1857 in Virginia +Frederick Fielding
        5 Adelaide Fielding b: 1882 d: 1885
        5 Warren C. Fielding b: 1885 d: Unknown +Florence Moulton b: Abt. 1885 d: Unknown
        5 Howard Fielding b: 1887 d: Unknown
        5 Franklin Fielding b: October 04, 1890 d: Unknown +Ruth Reinisch b: 1889 d: Unknown
      4 George B. Chennells b: September 1860 in Virginia d: Unknown +Minerva Robinson McCabe b: Abt. 1860 in Virginia d: Unknown
        5 Elliot M. Chennells b: September 02, 1883 in NY d: October 1971 in FL
        5 Clifford G. Chennells b: October 07, 1885 in Manhattan, NY d: Unknown
        5 Edna Maud Chennells b: October 14, 1887 in NY d: Unknown +J T Bennett b: Abt. 1884 d: Unknown
        5 Harold William Chennells b: September 19, 1890 in NY d: 1935
        5 Doris Chennells b: June 05, 1894 in NY d: September 12, 1989 in New canaan, Fairfield County, CT +Harold Stevens Gardner b: Abt. 1894 d: Bef. 1989
        5 Mildred Chennells b: August 18, 1896 in NY d: Unknown +Friedman b: Abt. 1890 d: Unknown *2nd Husband of Mildred Chennells: + Leslie "unknown" b: Abt. 1890 d: Unknown
        5 Ruth Chennells b: October 16, 1898 in NY d: 1916
        5 Miriam Chennells b: June 22, 1901 in NY d: June 1984 in New York, NY
        5 Franklin Chennells b: November 24, 1904 in NY d: February 1986 in NY +Peggy "unknown" b: November 24, 1904 d: Unknown
      4 Adelaide Chennells b: May 19, 1864 in New York d: May 16, 1892 +William Wilson McClelland b: Abt. 1864 d: Unknown
        5 Flora McClelland b: Abt. 1884 d: Unknown
        5 Malcolm McClelland b: Abt. 1885 d: Abt. 1885
        5 William Fredrick McClelland b: January 25, 1889 d: Unknown
      4 William F. Chennells b: 1868 in England d: 1927 +Emma C. Butler b: Abt. 1868 d: Unknown
        5 George Chennells b: Abt. 1889 d: Unknown
        5 William Chennells b: Abt. 1890 d: Unknown
        5 Harriet Chennells b: Abt. 1891 d: Unknown
      4 Alice Maude Chennells b: 1874 d: Unknown
      4 Edward Milton Chennells b: 1878 d: Unknown +Florence Moore b: Abt. 1878 d: Unknown
        5 Milton Chennells b: December 04, 1903 in New York d: May 1971 +Margaret b: May 02, 1905 in New York d: November 15, 1993 in Tenafly Bergen NJ
        5 Margaruite Chennells b: May 02, 1905 d: November 15, 1993
        5 Mabel Chennells b: February 18, 1906 d: November 23, 2001 +Frank Paul Guth b: Abt. 1900 d: Unknown
        5 Virginia Chennells b: July 06, 1907 in NY d: July 20, 1983 in Waterbury, CT +Stanley Kovel b: Abt. 1900 d: Bef. 1983
        5 Roy Chennells b: June 13, 1912 in NY d: September 1981 in Beachwood, Cuyahoga, OH +Dorothy b: March 31, 1916 d: February 1995 in Beachwood, Cuyahoga, OH
    3 Willm. Frederic Chennells b: 1827 +Mary b: 1820
    3 Thomas Chennells b: 1829 d: in Australia +unknown
      4 unknown Chennells
      4 unknown Chennells
    3 John Chennells b: April 22, 1830 d: December 31, 1905 +Anne Joyner b: April 20, 1841 d: December 09, 1914
      4 Nellie Chennells b: July 01, 1867 d: October 06, 1943 +George Nash b: June 07, 1851 d: June 09, 1923
      4 Frank Chennells b: October 07, 1876 d: July 24, 1950 +Stella b: May 26, 1883 d: June 18, 1921
        5 Minnie Chennells b: Abt. 1911
        5 Edward Frank Chennells b: February 08, 1913 d: September 22, 1968 +Kitty May b: December 14, 1916
        5 Joyce Chennells b: Abt. 1915
        5 Lena Chennells b: Abt. 1915 *2nd Wife of Frank Chennells: +Maggie b: Abt. 1880
        5 John Chennells
        5 Una Chennells
        5 Roy Chennells
  2 Margaret Chennells b: April 22, 1770 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England
  2 Maria Chennells b: January 31, 1772 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England
  2 Hester Chennells b: January 18, 1774 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England
  2 John Chennells b: November 23, 1775 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England d: 1776
  2 Samuel Chennells b: June 11, 1777 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England d: 1777
  2 Rebecca Chennells b: May 28, 1780 in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England

1851 Census
Chennels at Whst Hill
Amelia Chennels Wid, 50 Farmer of 80 acres employing 4 b Tewin, Herts
George Chennels son, unm 28 Farmers son b Whstd
John son unm 20 Farmers son b Whstd
John Mumford lodger unm 40 Butcher Master b Hertford, Herts

at Wheathampstead Street
Ann Chennels Head, Unm 86, Annuitant b Whstd
Esther Chennels, Sister Unm 77 Annuitant, b Whstd

at Brewhouse Hill
William Chennells Mar, 23 Farmers son b Whstd
Mary Chennells, wife 31 b Whstd

1901 Census searched just by surname and Wheathampstead (showing age, where born, occupation)
Annie Chennells 59 b London
Charlotte Chennells 66 b Sandridge Herts
Frank Chennells 24 b London Wheathampstead, Clerk in Post Office
Frederick Chennells 33 b Wood Green Midx, Cabinet Maker
Jessie Chennells 79 b Wheathampstead Herts, Butcher & farmer
John chennells 70 b London Islington, Chemist & Grocer 

I found your website while looking for information on WILLIAM CHENNELLS.   I do not have location information for him, only that he married ELLE KELLCHER and they had a daughter, BEATRICE ELIZABETH aka TRIXIE.  She was my great grandmother on my maternal grandfather's side.  If you could post this, I would appreciate it, and anyone with information can contract me at   

Thanks                                                                                                                                          added Jan 2006

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We have traced our family back to Sandridge. The first Cobb we have found who went to Gustard Wood was Mary Cobb when she married George Carter in 1839.

1841 Census Susanna Cobb of Sandridge, Caroline and Benjamin. in Gustard Wood (he was 12 and an agricultural labourer). 

1877 Caroline married William Hale

1852 Benjamin married Sophia Young of Kimpton.  1883 Sophia joined the Congregational Church.  1887 Benjamin also joined and later became a lay preacher.  Children - Carline, Sarah, Fanny, Susan, Herbert & Elizabeth.

1894 Herbert married Anne Burton (related to the Thompsons).  1912 Herbert (the father) was in the Gustard Wood Minstrel Group organised by Miss Robins. Annie belonged to the Mother's Union and Wheathampstead Women's Institute. Children - Elizabeth, Bessie, Herbert (known as Bert) 

1933 Bert married Doris Holland.  Children - Rita, Patsy, Raymond, Janet. As older villagers would know Bert Cobb ran the 'Serenaders' Concert Party for many years. Patsy still lives in Wheathampstead.  See more about the Bert and the Serenaders

email Rita -   

1901 Census searched just by surname and Wheathampstead (showing age, where born, occupation)
Annie Cobb 31 b Herts Wheathampstead
Benjamin Cobb 71 b Herts Sandridge, Ordinary agricultural labourer
Bessie Cobb 2 b Herts Wheathampstead
Herbert Cobb 32 b Herts Wheathampstead, Ordinary farm labourer
Lizzie Cobb 6 b Herts Wheathampstead

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You may wish to include a reference to Water End House, formerly in Sandridge but now in Wheathampstead. (See the info at Chris Reynolds' web page:
http://www.hertfordshire-genealogy.co.uk/data/places/sandridge-water-end.htm )
Water End House is on the west side of the former Brocket Estate, on the north side of the ford where the roman road crosses the river Lea.

My ancestor, James Cole is the one mentioned in this web page. My grandfather, Charles Percy Cole, was born to James Cole and Sarah (nee Booth) Cole in Water End house (after the census of 1881) and emmigrated to Canada after 1900.  My grandfather is mentioned in the census of 1885.   I am told that other Cole ancestors of mine are buried in St Helene's churchyard.

David Cole  email:                                                                                              22 February 2005

From the series of "Hertfordshire Monumental Inscriptions" for Wheathampstead (1944)

At the United Reformed Church
ILMO James William Cole/ who died July 5th 1923/ aged 72 years/ "Resting"/ also/ Edith Sarah/ eldest daughter of the above/ who died April 6th 1930/ aged 50 years/ "Thy will be done"/ also Sarah Ann loving wife/ and mother of the above/ who fell asleep July 5th 1939/ aged 84 years.

At St Helen's Church
Leslie W Cole
/ 15.5.1903 - 18.2.1982/ and/ Stella O Cole/ 6.1.1902 - 6.3.1983/ "Reunited"

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See the history section of the  Collins  business page.

** 1851 Census
At Holly Bush Hall:
Mary Welch Head, wid, 65, charwoman b Whstd
Francis Collins son Mar 26 Ag Lab b Whstd
Ann Collins wife 31 b Kimpton
William Collins grandson 3 b Whstd
George Collins grandson 0 b Whstd
Edward Welch, Son of the Widow 19 Ag Lab b Whstd

** Note: Thank you for the web page. It has been most helpful. However, the entry under Collins is likely an error. The surname appears to be Catlin but the t in Francis Catlin was not crossed and the name has been transcribed as Collin. The other members of the Catlin family do have the t crossed. Francis Catlin is found with Mary Welch in 1841 and 1861. In all likelihood, Mary Welch was b. Catlin or Catline.

With kind regards, Anthony Carter, Odense, Denmark

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Deamer & Swallow

Just visited your web page and found my direct family John Deamer my Great Grandfather. Living at Cross Farm, I visited there several years ago and the same family owned as did in the census, they kindly let me see that in the early 1900s Deamers were noted as working during the harvest periods. They still had the wage records

Charles was known as George and went on to live to be over 100 and I have newspaper articles from the Harpenden paper confirming this.  There were further children Bertie, Rose, Lizzie, William (my Grandfather) and Ezra. I met him aged 99 when he lived in Wheathampstead near the post office.

Regards, Brian Deamer                                                contributed May 2006

What a good site. You are certainly getting known I was told about it by a contact in America!  I have two families on the list of old Wheathampstead Families - Swallow and Deamer.  Susannah Deamer married George Swallow 25 July 1797 at Wheathampstead.

Both my grandparents were born in Harpenden, Arthur Goodyear and Ellen Louisa Swallow. My grandfather was born 'Near the GNR Station, Harpenden'. I had ancestors living at Leyton Road, Harpenden, Breadcroft and Cravells Road.

Christine Abbott email -
08 June 2002

1851 Census
Deamer at Gustard Wood
Phebe Deamer, Wid, 70, Straw Plait, b Kimpton
George Deamer son unm 36 Ag Lab b Kimpton

1881 Census (2 housholds)
Dwelling: Horse & Jockey Marford
George DEAMER M 58 M Codicote Rel: Head Occ: Labourer
Ann DEAMER M 50 F Albury Rel: Wife
Herbert DEAMER 14 M Codicote Rel: Son Occ: Labourer
Katy DEAMER 8 F Wheathamstead Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Arthur DEAMER 5 M Wheathamstead Rel: Son Occ: Scholar

Dwelling: Cross Farm
John DEAMER M 32 M Kinsbourn, Hertford, England Rel: Head Occ: Farm Labourer
Mary DEAMER M 31 F Hunsdon, Hertford, England Rel: Wife Occ: Sewer(Str)
Frederick Charles DEAMER 8 M Thrailsend, Hertford, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
John Joseph DEAMER 5 M Wheathamstead, Hertford, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Charles DEAMER 2 M Wheathamstead, Hertford, England

1901 Census searched just by surname and Wheathampstead (showing age, where born, occupation)
Annie Deamer 75 b Herts Albury
Arthur Deamer 25 b Herts Wheathampstead, Bricklayer
Eliza Deamer 53 b Herts Wheathampstead
Fanny Deamer 27 b Beds Lily
Herbert Deamer 3 b Herts Codicote, Gardener domestic
Owen Deamer 18 b Islington London, Bricklayer

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My Grandfather Leonard Crawley was born in Wheathampstead in October 1887 to Samuel Crawley and Amy Crawley (nee Frost).  He was number 5 of 7 children.  He is buried in St Helen's just inside the gate from the High Street along with his father.

I attach a scanned copy of Amy Crawley together with a grandchild but no date is known but Amy died in 1912. You will just about see a poster in the window advertising the Sunday School Anniversary and mention of a Mr R Hawkins and a public meeting.  Unfortunately I cannot see any date visible but you may know whether there was a significant anniversary around the turn of the century.

My Uncle Jack Crawley now almost 93 has many other photographs that he is looking out for me. 

Contributed by Len Aspell (son of Irene Amy Crawley who was the daughter of Leonard Crawley)

[New email info. from Daphne Ballard in March 2016:
In the photograph of Amy Crawley outside no 3 Wheathampstead Hill the baby in the Photo is of my mother Gladys Elizabeth Skeggs daughter of Kate Skeggs.
I would like to add that my mother Gladys Elizabeth Skeggs lived at 3 Wheathampstead Hill with her mother Kate and brother Frederick (their father died in 1910).  Gladys lived there until her marriage in 1930.   After Amy died Samuel Crawley moved in with his daughter Kate Skeggs and family he lived with them until his death in 1927.  The photo of Amy Crawley with her granddaughter Gladys was taken in 1911. 
Best wishes From Daphne Ballard  granddaughter of Kate
(nee Crawley) a sister of Leonard.]


I am trying to find some information about my father, David Davies who was buried in St Helens churchyard in Wheathampstead in 1941.  I was born in St Albans 1940 and at the time my family lived at 1 Alma Cottages, Nomansland.  He was in the BEF in 1939 and invalided out in 1940, he then joined the home guard and I believe had a military funeral in 1941.  I wondered if I can get any records of his service and his funeral.

R Davies .       email:                                                                                          Contributed Sept 2010

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I'm looking for any information on the following "Dawes"

My Great great Grandfather Richard Dawes (b 1821 in Codicote) who married Ann Field Smith in 1850 and lived in Wheathampstead with there family William (1851), Ellen (1854), Betsy (1856), James (1859), Ann (1851), Richard my Great Grandfather (1863) and Sarah (1868

My Great Grandfather Richard married Emily Hill in Ayot St Peter in 1887 and lived in Nomansland with there children Arthur (1890). Bertha (1892) and William (1895)

Richard (snr) had a brother David (b1825) who I believe married Mary Ann East and started there family off in Wheathampstead Augusta (b1855) and Alfred (1858)

Any information please email me on    


An article from the Hert's Advertiser 14th June 1985 - Profile
Firmly rooted in a rural way of life
By Ronald Riggs

          We sat in the cosy inglenook of the 16th century cottage next to the Nelson pub, in Marford Road, Wheathampstead, and Bess, a border collie, came up wagging its tail.  The old red brick glowed where it caught the sunshine and Dickie Dawes looked very much at home in his fireside chair.
And so he should, for he was born in the cottage, his mother was born there and so was her mother – no family has its roots deeper in the ancient village.
"You should have been here last week," said Dickie.  "We've just reared twin lambs from two-days-old.  They were fed on the bottle – and my girls took them for walks down the village on a collar and lead.  There was a tear or two when the had to go back to the farm."
          Dickie, who is 56, has the stamp of an outdoor man.
  And a home-loving man, for who could help identifying with a house which has been the family home for generations?
          The part of the cottage which is 400-years-old has a preservation order on it.
  A side part was added a mere 200 years ago and a still later extension, adjoining the sitting room, was completed only three years ago.
          Like most other Wheathampstead children, Dickie went to the village school.
  The headmaster was notoriously "very handy" with the cane and under his strict supervision the pupils bent to their desks, minded their Ps and Qs and left at 14, reasonably educated.
          Dickie went to work on the railway at the Hatfield depot of the LNER.
  "I began depot of the LNER.  "I began as an engine cleaner and cycled to work at 6 am, I didn't much care for the oil and the dirt, but I couldn't have met a finer bunch of men anywhere.  The pals I made on the railway I've stuck with through life."Dicky Dawes and friends engine drivers
          Dickie's career seemed set.
  He became a fireman and then a driver.  He'd take a train from Hatfield to Leighton Buzzard, stopping at various country stations.
          "Wheathampstead was a model Victorian station and I was sorry to see it go.
  Now I'm the parish grass-cutter.  I look after the mound where the station house used to be and if I have a minute, I walk where there is a trace of the old platform beneath the vegetation.  Then the memories come flooding back."
Dickie and his chums would explore the village lanes, finding wild flowers and greeting familiar characters.
          "Bernard Shaw was a great walker and if we chanced to meet him he would nod and say "Good morning, persons."  I always thought that a little odd and now my schoolboy son uses the expression." (the picture shows Dickie Dawes and friends engine drivers - their names L to R are Dicky Dawes, Joe Payne,  Jack Richardson and A J Wilson).
          Dickie retired from the railway in 1966 after 21 years service.
  "Beeching was dropping his axe all over the place and I decided to start up on my own.  In my spare time I had worked on farms, so I bought my own tractors and ploughs and the farmers were glad to employ me.
          "I still do all the cultivation for
Mr Titmuss, of Herons Farm, Gustard Wood, where 350 acres of arable land keeps me fully occupied."
          Sadly the Wheathampstead he knew has changed over the years.  "Something has gone out of the village, with all the new developments," said Dickie.  "I once knew everyone I met in the High Street, but now they are mostly strangers and I can even walk into my local without seeing anyone I know."
          Dickie was christened, confirmed and married to Brenda Osborn, the post mistress's daughter, at St Helen's Church.  As a boy, he sang in the choir.
          The couple have two girls, and a boy – Kareen, 13. Wendy, 12. and Richard, who is 15.  "They all attend Wheathampstead School and with luck will finish their education before any threatened closure takes place."
          It was getting dusk as we sat talking and Dickie recalled the days when the cottage was lit by lamp-light.
  Outside, there was only the moon for company in the sequestered lane.
          "We'd sit in the inglenook and have a merry time, playing the tin whistle and singing.  Lovely times, they were when the Christmas spirit lingered on through the year."
          He brought two framed photographs from another room.  They had been taken within the space of only a few years, from exactly the same spot.  One showed the side of the cottage and the Nelson pub nestling at a bend in a leafy lane.  The other was bleak-looking by comparison, with a tarmac road stretching into the distance.  All the greenery had gone.
          Dickie said: "We are frequent visitors to Porlock, in
Somerset, where there is still the unchanged countryside.  If miracles could a happen I'd like to fly over the rooftops and drop this little cottage into one small corner of it."

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Eli Dickinson was born in Wheathampstead 1814, married Phoebe Ansell 1839 in Wheathampstead and died 1898.  They had  5 children, one being Reuban born 1848 in Hitchin(my home town).

Contributed by Ruby - ( ruby.cullum@btinternet.com )

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Dollimore's came from Wheathampstead

James Dollimore & Elizabeth Welch (c Mar. 27,1779 d/o Joseph Welch & Elizabeth Newson) married 1801 at Wheathampstead.  Their children are all born at Wheathampstead

Margaret b 1802  m William Morgan 1824
Julia 1806  m Frederick Hall Faircloth 1825
Sarah 1808 died 1808
Elizabeth 1809  m Thomas Albun or Arburn 1831
Charles 1812  m Susannah Wood 1831
Sarah 1814 died 1816
James 1816
Benjamin 1821died 1822
Joseph 1823
Sophia 1804-died infant

Also  John Dollimore m Ann Threader Dec. 26,1818 Wheathampstead

Also James Dollimore (of Wheathampstead) m Maria Lines 1812 Harpenden.  Maria Lines (b Jan. 10, 1790 Harpenden) is the d/o Joseph Lines & Sarah.

Also Henry Dollimore b 1818 Codicote m Ann Day and son George Dollimore b 1851 Whstd

If you have any information, or think you may have a connection, please e-mail me.  

Pam Dollimore email - 

1851 Census
Dollimore at Gustard Wood:
Henry Dollimore Mar, 27 Agr Lab b Codicote
Ann Dollimore Wife 21 b Kimpton (nee Day)
George Dollimore son 3m b Whstd

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The following limited information I do know the following from basic national census records:

1.William Dorban - Born abt 1796 - Wheathampstead, Herts (William was shown as an agricultural labourer and probably died 1850 – 60)        Married Susan……? Born abt 1800 - Wheathampstead, Herts  (Susan shown on 1861 census as washerwoman for farmer Charles Lattimore, )Wheathampstead
             Son (2) William Dorban - Born abt 1836 – Gustard Wood, Herts
             At least 4 other children Sarah 1830, Ann 1832, Jane 1834 and Mary 1840

2.William Dorban - Born abt 1836 – Gustard Wood, Herts Died 1927 (89) (William was shown boarding as an agricultural labourer at Reed Hall
Farm, Wheathampstead in 1851, in 1861 he was married to Caroline and living with her parents at Kimpton, in 1871 and 1881 he was a ploughman at Ballslough Farm in Kimpton. In 1901 census he is shown as Farm Foreman / Farm Bailiff living in Hitchin, Herts age 63.)      Married Caroline Hawkes - Born abt 1834 -Kimpton, Herts Died after 1901.  She was one of at least 5 children of George (abt1796) and Mary (abt1796) Hawkes of Stevenage and Welwyn, Herts respectively.
         Son (3) Edwin Dorban - Born abt 1862 0 Kimpton, Herts
         At least 6 other children Louisa 1864, Albert 1866, Emily 1868, Lizzie 1872 – 1934, Florence Elizabeth 1874, Frederick 1876

3. Edwin Dorban - Born abt 1862 - Kimpton, Herts - became a wheelwright but moved away from the area around 1900.  Died 1924 Oundle, Northants (63)

Edwin Dorban is my great grandfather on my mothers side.

Any further information welcome.

Kind regards, Peter Turner       email: 

submitted Dec 2008     

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I am tracing 2 sets of Dunhams.  My research indicates the following:


William Dunham and Sarah (Chennels). Had a son James 

James Dunham and (I think)  Rebecca (Allen) had a son Charles was born to in Wheathampstead 1827 and he married Ruth in London in 1849

Charles Dunham and Ruth Randall had a son Frederick in Codicote in 1849.  I think Charles died quite soon after as I can’t find any more children and  Ruth re-married in 1861 to William Dunham and they had a child Mary Sophia.

Frederick James married Ellen Jane Goodwin – he produced up to 18 children I have the names of 16 – Ellen, Florence, Mary, Emily, Frederick, Alf, Maud, Henry, Kate, William, George, Alice, Ada, Rose, Ernest and May.  Some were born in St Albans and some Wheathampstead they lived at the Freetrader, High St, Wheathampstead moving to Hamwell (Amwell).

Frederick James 2nd marriage was to Clara (Latchford) and they had a child *Ada born in 1889Fred and both his wives are buried at St Helens in Wheathampstead

**Henry George (Harry) Dunham and *Ada Dunham married in 1910 at East Hyde Church

Harry and Ada lived from late 1910’s in Cold Harbour Lane they had a son Arthur (my grandfather) born September 1910 he married my grandmother Constance Elizabeth Hilliard in 1937 they had two children Robert and Brian in the 1940’s they moved to Salisbury Road moving to 100 Lower Luton Road in 1965.


The other side of the family are also Dunham, just to confuse matters they are as follows:-

Samuel Dunham was possible born late 1700 early 1800 had a son Reuben was born approx 1824. I cannot find any information on Reuben except he died in 1875 aged 52.

Reuben Dunham married Sarah Elizabeth (Wright) and had a son Samuel was born in 1846 in Wheathampstead the other children were William, Elizabeth, Caroline, Emma, Sophia, Henry, George, Mary Ann, Charles and Harriet most, all except Samuel and William were born around the East Hyde area. They lived around Peters Green area with Sarah living at Perry Green in 1881 (Samuel died in 1875). 

Samuel Dunham married Maria (Whitworth), the children were Alice, William, Jane, Ann, Mary, Alfred, John, twins Eliza and **Harry born 1887, Arthur and Samuel.  They were all born in East Hyde/Peters Green area.  They lived around East Hyde area and in 1901 they were in Cold Harbour

* and ** this shows where the two families came together.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who may have any information 
Richard Dennison  email -  

added 14 March 2005

added 3 May 2005

I researching my gr-grandmother's family - she was Mary Ann Sophia DUNHAM born 14 November 1873 in St Albans.  Her parents were Frederick James DUNHAM and Ellen Jane GOODWIN.  Frederick and Jane had at least 11 children before Ellen died in 1885Frederick then married Clara LATCHFORD and went on to have at least another 5 children.  The DUNHAMs lived in Wheathampstead for many years and I have managed to trace the family back to James DUNHAM who was baptised on 20 Nov 1790 in Wheathampstead.

I would love to hear from anybody with a link to this family.
Dorothy Stephenson e-mail                  

further addition 23 July 2005

When I have traced the family back through the censuses I have found that the family lived in The Ship for many years.
In 1861 the occupier was James Dunham, age 72 and described as a bricklayer and retailer of beer.
In 1871 James' son William lived there, although he is only described as a bricklayer.
In 1881 William's stepson Frederick James Dunham was the occupier. Again, he was not described as a publican (he was a carpenter by trade). Frederick was my gr-gr-grandfather. Frederick's father Charles Dunham died when Fred was very young and his mother subsequently married her brother-in-law, William. 
By 1891 Frederick had moved out of the Freetrader and was living at Hamwill (Amwell?) Farm Cottages. As far as I know the family had nothing further to do with the pub.

Dorothy Stephenson e-mail                  

contributed 20 Oct 2008

I have been researching my husband's family history for about two years now.

I have traced back to his 3xG Gran, Rebecca Dunham who was born in 1835 in St Albans.  She was the daughter of Willam Dunham and Sarah (nee George?) who married at St Stephens, St Albans 13/4/ 1834.  Sometime after Rebecca was born William & Sarah moved to Clerkenwell, North London, but subsequent children were baptised at St Michael in St Albans, and in the Church records their abode being noted as Clerkenwell, London.

I believe that the Dunham family can be traced back to two brothers, as Land Tax records dated 1757-1829 that I looked at on a visit to HALS that I made in April this year, mention a Richard & Benjamin Dunham located at North Side, Wheathampstead.

I would be interested to hear from anyone researching the family, especially as three William Dunham's are born approx the same time, and although they are obviously related, it would be nice to be able to clarify one line from another!

Sue Cooper    email - 

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Have just found your great site and read it right through.  Read through Gay O'Neils piece on Lines the Blacksmiths, and her extract from Volume V, which stated that Robert Dunkley had the Harpenden Smithie prior to Mr. Lines, who had it in 1860s and 70s.  Haven't yet tracked Robert's origins, but he married Martha Ivory 12 Aug 1799 and they had daughters Elizabeth, Maria, Eliza, Ann and Elenor, between 1802 and 1820Maria married Isaac Luck 1836, Eliza married William Hale 1837, and Ann married Solomon Bradshaw 1835, all at St Peters, in St Albans, each being witness at each other's marriage.   Maria and Issac had a daughter Mary Ann in 1836, and Maria died in 1843.  My G/G/Grandmother's name was Mary Ann Dunkley, and she gave her father as Isaac Dunkley on her wedding cert. 30 May 1862, again at St Peters, St Albans, but no Isaac Dunkley is to be found in the area, however, as above, Maria Dunkley married to Isaac Luck, so wonder if Maria's Mary Ann was brought up by her Dunkley grandparents, and therefore opted to use her grandparents surname, and is thus one and the same as my G/G/Grandmother.

Would be interested to hear from anyone with any of the above family connections, I have found two other Luck/Dunkley marriages, also Dunkley/Peacock, and another Dunkley/Ivory. Other family names in area Lonnan/Lunnan & Lee (Redbourn), Pearce (St Albans), Sexton (Hemel).  Again, a lovely site, knew the area well as a teenager cycling and revisit when visiting family. 

Antony Dunkley ex St Albans now Devonport, NZ email -

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