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Updated 05 February, 2013


From Hazel Wright (nee Hicks)

I found the website by accident and I think it is wonderful. There is so much to browse through it will keep me occupied for months. I would love to hear from anyone who might have known me as there are so many memories coming back to me. My name is Hazel but I was always known as Blossom Hicks. I was born at Lower Luton Rd Wheathampstead in 1930 and lived in the same area until 1967 when I emigrated with my husband and family to Australia. If there is anyone who has any recollections of me or my family HICKS please fee free to fill me in as there are many gaps. Looking at the photos makes me realise how much Wheathampstead has changed.  Memories
Hazel Wright (nee Hicks Blossom Hazel)

I am sorry to tell you of Hazel's death after a short illness last July.

Thank you so much for all the pleasure your website gave my Mother and it was responsible for many trips down memory lane as well as her finding her long lost neice and older brother. Her joy was the most wonderful thing when she was able to talk with them and her neice visited her from America shortly before her death. 

I wish you all the best and I will continue to visit your site
Regards Nicola Wright     email -                                               Nov 2006

From Charmaine Van der Spuy

I have fond memories of my time in Wheathampstead where I worked at the Elephant and Castle pub in 1989 with my friend Lisa (both South African). I often wondered what happened to all those lovely people we met and served and had a good laugh with.
Charmaine Van der Spuy

From Sally Berridge

I am doing a walk down memory lane - I lived in Wheathampstead as a child, between 1946 -1948. I stayed with some people (Rona and Mac, newly released from Changi) in The Old Maltings, just down the road from the bakery, and on the same side. Is the house still there or has it been developed? I still remember the penny buns, although we had to find the coupons for them. (item added 29 June 2003)
Sally Berridge  
Canberra, ACT, Australia

From John Roadley-Battin

Our family lived at Waterend House just outside Wheathampstead, between 1969 - 1971, a beautiful place to live as kids, there were seven children then, now eight, starting from the eldest: Guy, then me, Gerard, Pierre, Francious, Giselle, Paul, we all went to Wheathampstead Secondary School, the youngest Christain was born in Suffolk at Ickworth Lodge, most of the family are in the Suffolk/ Norfolk area, apart from Paul who lives in Paris, and has just become a father, and Pierre who lives in Demark with his wife and children.  (item added 28 Oct 2002)
John Roadley-Battin  

From Steve Chandler

I lived in the folly from 1956 to 1980, I am looking for people who went to Wheathampstead Secondary school in the 70's. This site brings back a lot of memories, thanks.
Steve Chandler   
Tucson, Arizona, USA - 16:07:26 Saturday 04 May 2002

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From Brian Smith

Brian, recently emigrated to Australia with his wife Clare, has sent a picture, 'Peace and quiet at Easter',  taken from a balloon over Melbourne.

Brian Smith   

Just got back from walkabouts and thought you might like to see the Twelve Apostles. The picture, although I am pleased with it, does not do justice to the awesome size of these monoliths. We travelled the length of the Great Ocean Road and I wish that I had taken more than the 30 pictures I did take but it is almost impossible; it just goes on and on. - update 10/5/02

We took a trip into Melbourne yesterday and spent an hour on the River Yarra. Attached are views of the city from a completely different angle to the previous ones. - update 26/8/02

From Bob Rust

Many years ago I worked for Brian Lindsay. He used to run a kennels and breed German Shepherds in the Wheathampstead area. I am now doing some research into the old firm (Argyll Motors Ltd). It would be a great help to get in touch.  Are there still any connections with him or his family? 


I have lived in Basildon for about thirty five years.

Argyll Motors was a North London firm. Successor to the Argyll Motor Co of Glasgow which was a manufacturer of the Argyll Torpedo sports car.  Brian Lindsay was one of the directors, son of the owner.  He bred German Shepherds and ran the kennels as a side line. He took in strays for the Police and RSPCA. A couple of times he appeared on the Pedigree Chum ads after the Cruft's dog show.

Update 3 Aug 2002 - Many thanks for putting my message on your web site. I finally traced my old employer through his connection with German Shepherd Dogs. Unfortunately he had retired to Kent and has died. However, quite by chance I got the information I hoped he could give from an entirely unexpected source on the Net. Thanks again,

Many thanks for any assistance.  Bob Rust   

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From Ian King

I lived in Wheathampstead for the first 22 years of my life. My parents, John & Sheila King moved to 5, Maltings drive (Maltings Close then) in 1961 when I was 1 year old. In 1962, my sister Sue was born. I attended the Rectory School around 1965 - 1966 and have fond memories of classes with Mrs. Roe and Mrs.Slocock. For Primary School I went to Moreton End School in Harpenden, but during that period, I remember my mum used to go shopping down to "the village" and in the holidays I remember accompanying her to Halls Bakery, Brax the newsagents, Woodley's Grocery store, Fine Fare, Busby's Chemist, Pateman's Greengrocer and The Butcher's shop!  We moved in 1967 from Maltings Drive to 32 Wick Avenue.

I remember Wheathampstead as a cozy little town and couldn't have asked for
a better place to grow up!
I went on to St.Albans' School and then Middlesex Polytechnic where I graduated in Applied Physics.
After working for HSDE in Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City, I went to work for Datron Instruments in Norwich. I then moved (with Datron) to Florida for 2 years. On leaving Datron, I joined Guildline Instruments in Orlando Florida.While there I met my wife, Sharon and we were married in 1989. In 1991 we moved to Perth, Ontario and stayed there for 8 months. In 1992 I joined, of all companies, Marconi Instruments at their New Jersey operation (there is nothing like going halfway round the world to join a company based in St. Albans!!).
Since 1995 I have worked for AT&T Wireless in Redmond Washington and love it here, We now have 3 beautiful children, Emily(6), John(4) and Chloe(19 Months).

Here are a few names I remember, and I apologise to anybody I have forgotten...
Jonathan College
Jeremy Ewer (now Ewen)
The Ewers
Sandra Culpitt
The McCullochs
John & Jane Beckett
Anne Foreman
Rev George & Margaret Rowe
Sarah Salkeld
Gregor Laing
Thw Waldrums
Audrey, Nicola and Melanie Freeman

If anybody would like to contact me, my E-Mail address is  

Best wishes to everybody Ian King

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From Jim McCullock

My family arrived in Wheathampstead in 1966 from Blackpool on our way down from much farther north, 39 Wick Avenue to be precise. I started school at St Helens in the old church school, starting with Miss Beverley, moving onto Mrs McNally,Mr Price, Mr Sharpe and also Mr Parkes. I rapidly made many new friends who were to remain so for many years. It's funny what you remember looking back, but I do remember as other ex-pats, being able to walk and play for miles, mainly with Rodney Westwood (the blacksmiths son). Walking to see Pierre Battin and his family at Waterend Farm, quite a walk when you're eight. Going to see Denise Gilhams mice (Offas Way) neighbour of Alison Potter who I used to sit next to in school. My main friends early on were Paul Garment (Butterfield Rd), John Wright (Tudor Rd), Jeremy Raine ( Bury farm, now gone, later Rose Lane), Julia Willis (Rectory Gardens). At the age of eleven 1971 I was off to St Albans School, but stayed good friends always with Ian Harry (the hill, who started me smoking with his families Finnish penfriend), Jeremy Ewers (Ceasers Rd, his dad was the man from the 'Pru') Alan Rembisz (forgive the spelling, of Saxon Way, who had the most beautiful sister Carol, Wanda wasn't bad either!), Fiona Chivers and Susan Lyus (both Wick Ave) who we used to spend many an evening with opposite the Clapps in the park on Maltings Drive with Michael Archer (Lattimore Rd) who I probably spent most of my time with.

Sunday afternoons were spent for a long time walking and dreaming with Lindsay Andrew (probably my favourite) all round the village, Rose Lane in particular.

There are many others I remember well too, see below. At eighteen I met Elaine Bacon of the Poplars who I later married after joining the RAF, it didn't work out but I settled in Wendover by RAF Halton, where I spent the next 20 years. I finished working last year and currently spend my time in Rhodes in the summer and Slovakia (next to Austria) in the winter where I run a small travel company. A strange place you might think, but it is like going back in time to growing up in a village where children can go out safely all day into the countryside, and Harvest Festivals etc that I remember so well are still a village occasion. for how much longer I'm not sure, as they are becoming modern European so quickly.

In the past few years I have returned to Wheathampstead just a few times, it has changed, but not so drastically as one would have imagined. I met Mr. Wright tending his garden In Tudor Rd, Ian Mayles in the Bull (his dad was postman for many years), Brian Bannister (Lattimore Rd) I see occasionally, hes been riding despatch bikes for years now, and finally Mark Seeby (Saxon Rd) with Pinky the counting Jack Russell if anybody remembers, who is in the Met.

Others I haven't forgotten
Dave and Spider Given
Andy Powell
Michael Johnson
Ian and Sue King
Colin Woodland and his brother Michael
Andrew Lindley( I remember his shoes on my face a lot) and his sister Lucy
Ian Moody
Fiona Pike
Amanda Harding
Nigel Allerton and his brother Paul
Sarah Robbins and her brother Mark
Neil Mattheson and his sister Miriam?
Carol Pitt and her infamous brother Stephen
Charlotte and Jamie Withey
Billy (Graham) Judy,Gillian Harry (Ken & Mary too)
Renshaw, Graham and Mark Watts ( Mike and Mona too)
Claire who lived by the Watts
Claire Barnard and her sister Rachel?
Peter and Jane Brett
Guy and Julian Fretter
Colin Wherle

plus many others the list is endless, the Cappis, Waldrons, Becketts, Hursts.......apologies to anyone I may have forgotten, it's not permanent I assure you.

I thought it would be an idea to put page together by submissions of e-mail addresses etc. possibly password protected and managed, so that all ex- pats visiting this site could get in contact with each other if they wish. (Editors comment sorry cannot provide password protected area for general use!)

Email to   

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I was absolutely stunned when I stumbled across your website! I was on a genealogy list and someone was very kindly going to take a photo of The Bull and send it to me in Australia because my husband's great great great Grandparents owned it back in the 1830's onwards and I found what I wanted here!! Their names were William and Joannah HOOPER. I hope that you don't mind but I printed a copy of the picture of the pub? 

You wouldn't happen to have any more info on the pub would you?? Or its previous owners?? (Editors note - Can anyone help?)


I really must thank you for a marvellous site. It has helped me tremendously to get an idea of what Wheathampstead was/is like. 

Jenny (Wyong, NSW, Australia).   


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From Geof Bamford

I went to high school there from 1975 to 79. I was looking at some pages and saw some names I recognised. We lived at 90 Lower Luton Rd, Batford. I used to bus or bike to school and usually went to the bakers for lunch. I can't remember the name though. We moved to Canada in 1979, Montreal. I am presently living in Edmonton. Looking at the pictures stirred up a lot of memories. When I was stationed in Germany in late 80's I visited the area but didn't recognize anybody from my days at school. Does the youth club still have dances on Fridays?

I would like to hear from anybody that recognizes me. I'll only be here till the 8 Sept 00 as I'm off to Bosnia for 6 months, but I'll check in when I return.   


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Hi, my name is Ton van de Rijt. I am a classic motorcycle enthusiast from Tilburg, The Netherlands. I own a motorcycle that was raced in the mid-fifties by a Wheathampstead citizen named G.J (Gerry) Turner. He raced this motorcycle at the 1956 Isle of Man Junior TT, start number 41, and finished 33rd with it. I contacted Mr. Alan Robinson of the TT riders association and he gave me an address where Gerry used to live. This address was: 342 Lower Luton Road, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire.  I tried to make contact to this address without success. Mr. Robinson doubted if Gerry was still alive. If he is (and I sincerely hope so) Gerry must be around the age of 70 by now. I very much would like to contact Gerry for a chat. Can anyone be of any help ?

Many, many thanks indeed!!

                                    Ton van de Rijt

                                    Drechterlandstraat 9

                                    5043  GK  Tilburg,  The Netherlands.

                                    e-mail :  


Update on 8 Sept 2000

Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for adding my letter to the expats pages, in where I asked for help to find Gerry Turner.  I was just contacted by his son Michael who told me that Gerry was still alive and would love to hear from me. It couldn't be done without your help.

Thank you very much indeed !!!!!


                                                                        Ton van de Rijt,  Tilburg,  The Netherlands.


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Janice Robinson (nee Pearson)


I am a South African and I worked at the Elephant & Castle pub in Amwell Lane 10 years ago and have very fond memories of Wheathampstead and its people. Although I was only there for 3 months, I loved every minute of it and was made to feel very welcome. Finding your website made me feel quite "homesick" - especially seeing the photo of the pub in the Mystery Pubs competition. Thank you for bringing back those happy memories. I've saved the website as a favourite and will definitely be keeping up with life in Wheathampstead remotely!!!


Email Janice 

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