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Some of those who have moved away

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Expats Page 1 Nigel Allerton;  Peter Curry;   Eddie Collins;   Paul & Margaret Camwell; 
  Wendy Pearce (nee Moran);    Jennifer Buckingham (nee Clinch)  

Expats Page 2 - Hazel Wright;   Charmaine Van der Spuy;    Sally Berridge;   John Roadley-Battin;    Steve Chandler;  
 Brian Smith;    Bob Rust;    Ian King;    Jim McCullock;    Hooper family;    Geof Bamford;  
  Janice Robinson (nee Pearson);    G.J (Gerry) Turner  

Expats Page 3 - Barbara de Mornay Penny, Simon Johnson, Nicholas David King,  Kim Lewis (nee Jackson),   Paul Langford;   Jean Collen (nee Campbell);   Zoe Minton (nee Dixon);    Duncan Stickings ; Claire Roberts (nee Milton);   Brian Snellgrove   Nigel Barden

Expats Page 4 - Wendy Hatton, Lesley Emerson, Ian MacDonald, Nicola Wright


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